The last set just sold on ebay and couldn't have come at a better time.

I thought that I had killed one of my bulbs last night when I noticed that the left one was totally unresponsive. No parking light, no hazards, nothing. I'm thinking "shit...I played too much with the battery and somehow fried a $50 set of LEDs."

Turns out the bulb had just fallen out of the socket...I could see it laying in the reflector bowl...shiiiiiiiiiit

Spent half an hour attempting to surgically remove that little bastard and said I ain't playin no more games wit yo ass and put a spot of flexible glue on the non-contact sides of the bulb before putting it back in the holder.

It's a secure fit and I don't think that it just fell out from vibrations. Probably unseated it during install and it eventually worked its way all the way out...but still...getting that little shit out of there was awful enough that I didn't want to take any glue.