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Thread: Any ideas for a good vacuum cleaner ?

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    Any ideas for a good vacuum cleaner ?

    I'm looking to buy a portable vacuum cleaner that you could plug into the 12v outlet.

    A quick search on Amazon returned this:

    Do you use a similar one ? How do you like it ?

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    Any ideas for a good vacuum cleaner ?

    Hello from Houston. Hope the weather in Austin is better than down here: HOT!!!!!!!!

    I purchase this one on Amazon: BLACK+DECKER purchase (4.1 out of 5 stars 61 Reviews)
    Black & Decker HFVB320J27 Eggplant Lithium Flex 2 Ah Hand Vacuum.

    Works great and thus the better half re-assigned it for home use only. Kidding aside, it works great but the only thing i do not like about this model is the size. It's definitely bulky. So I am also in the market for one. The model you are looking at gets good reviews and it's more compact. I may buy one too. Good luck!

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    Not lighter-plug compatible but very satisfactory. Powerful. The swivel and extending tip give a lot of flexibility. No cord to get in my way and it works all over the house.
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    MetroVac makes some nice units, including vacuum + blower:
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    I've got the 5 gallon ShopVac from Home Depot. Works very well.

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    I have the Metro Vac-n-Blo. That thing is powerful. Expensive though. it does get hot if you run it for awhile as well.

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