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Thread: Speaker Question

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    Speaker Question

    Apologies ahead of time if this should be in the Audio Forum, but this is a technical questions.
    I asked the same on E46 fanatics and haven't had much luck. I just installed the stage one system from BAVSOUND on my coupe. My symptoms before install were the passenger rear tweeter was fuzzy and the rear midrange (deck) did not produce any sound. Upon installation, neither produce any sound though the rest of the speakers work well. I checked connections. Per one user on E46fanatics my amp was going out and I should replace with a used factory unit. I did and installed and I still have the same problems. Is this a headunit now or something else all together? The only aftermarket install I have audio wise is a basic bluetooth audio streaming device through the headunit.
    Any guidance or help is appreciated.

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    Unfortunately I am woefully ignorant when it comes to electronics and speaker system stuff, but someone else should reply shortly that might know.

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    So the exact same speakers that did not work before new Bavsound install still do not work now?

    Wires could be it. If you have access to ohmeter, you could check for continuity from amp in trunk to non functioning speaker. Alternatively, from amp, find correct wire pair and put a AA battery across terminal and listen to a pop sound.

    Could be amp. But not likely since you already changed it.

    Then it might be connections from head unit to amp. Again, would have to check for continuity to each speaker.
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    I had a similar situation where only my rear passenger side speakers were working and it ended up being a bad tuner box(silver box located next to the amp). I thought it was the amp initially, but after replacing it, it was the same as before. I had the tuner box rebuilt and it fixed the problem. The box has different channels in it that can go bad, from what I understand. I'm not sure if its the tuner box in your situation, but it may be worth a try.

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    Sounds like the BM53 is bad. The internal amp goes bad and causes issues with No sound or inputs switching randomly on the radio. Take a look on eBay for a BM 53 or a L322 from a Land Rover will work. I have the L322 in my M3 and it works good. Carphonic's does upgrades to these units. Good luck...
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