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Thread: 17x9 ET30 with 255/40-17 RE-71R

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    17x9 ET30 with 255/40-17 RE-71R

    Guys, I just posted this info in my build thread, but also wanted to drop it here for reference. This seems to be pretty close to the limit of what can fit in rolled ZHP sedan fenders. Keep in mind, I could fit 265-285 tires front and rear if I hadn't chosen the wheels offset I did. ET30 means I am wasting a lot of space between the inner wheel and the struts, but I really wanted the concave ARC-8 look, and anything wider than 255 is excessive on this car.

    I had my front fenders and rear quarter panels rolled and pulled out what seems to be about 20mm.

    Wheel setup:
    APEX ARC-8 17x9 ET30 Race Silver
    Bridgestone RE-71R 255/40-17 (sticks out 6mm from wheel faces)

    This setup is equal to adding a 36mm spacer front and a 32mm spacer rear

    I had lots of rubbing issues, and have gone back and forth between test drives and my body shop to get all the kinks worked out. It's looking pretty good now and has nearly no rubbing.

    Here's a couple photos:

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