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Thread: New Member from Washington state

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    Vancouver, WA

    New Member from Washington state

    Gents, I'm very happy to introduce myself, and many thanks to Marc Biunno of Roundel magazine for referring me to this great website.
    My name is Luigi -- I promise I'm not kidding. So how could I NOT become a ZHP Mafia member?
    My pride and joy:
    2004 black sapphire ZHP, manual, 68K, bone stock and registered at
    My wife is an amazing woman who fully supports my weekends in the driveway detailing my car or lying on the cold garage floor changing the oil or replacing those dastardly front control arm bushings, for example! You know what I'm talking about. All the while she's taking care of our kids and cooking and doing a million other things to keep the family running. I do my fair share too, but it sure is nice to have enough time to properly care for, and enjoy, my car. Iím very fortunate.
    My wife is also an amateur photographer and took this picture recently, among a bunch of other ones. This is one of my favorites, though.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Luigi, welcome to the site, sir. Next time you see (or talk with) Marc, tell him that I've missed him around here. Haven't seen him a lot during the past month. I think he's been busy with life, though, so he is excused. Still, tell him I've noticed.

    Meanwhile, glad to have you, Luigi. Hope you'll become a regular around here. This is a very friendly group. In the morning, when people start signing on to the site, I imagine the "welcome" comments will start stacking up.

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    Welcome to the Family.

    Enjoyed the intro.

    Car looks great. Looking forward to more pics.

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    In the precense of a real Mafioso. Man.........

    Welcome to the family Luigi. Car is...well.....ummm......delicicious, and perfect. Enjoy it, Enjoy the site.

    You will learn tons from the site. We have some of the most knowledgeable BMW folks here....

    Again, glad to have ya along for the ride.
    "Flame suit NOT REQUIRED!!!"
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    Welcome. And it appears as though the 135 rims have been chromed, so you're not Bone Stock.... just close!
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    Luigi... welcome to the Mafia! We are instant cousins... black car, chromes 135s.. Love it! Very nice pic of the car.
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    Very nice ride Luigi and welcome! I have one of those amazing and hard to find ladies too! She says the car is lost on her but is understanding and sympathetic to my wanting to be with "Gretchen", the other woman.

    2005 ZHP Silver Gray Sedan
    Auto, ZPP, ZCW, All Black Leather, AA Tune, AFE Cold Air
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    Guys, wow -- thanks! I started my West Coast workday some time ago, but I'm just now remembering to come back here to see if I had any replies to my first post. I think the answer is a resounding "YES!" I know individual responses may not be expected, but my obsessive-compulsive nature pulls me to do so:

    Marcus -- You've created something really special here. Great work -- and I can only imagine how much it was. To be greeted first by you was an honor and a testament to how much you care about what goes on here. Prego! (Oh, and although I'm Italian, I speak very little of the language -- just enough to remember my heritage.) Also, I'll pass along your words to Marc. I can't claim to be a friend -- it just happens he was good enough to take the time to reply to my e-mail complimenting one of his articles in Roundel magazine. He had nothing but high praise for this website and forum!
    Kayger12 -- Thanks for the kind words! I do have a few more pictures to post, then I'll turn it off before it becomes too much. You're a moderator, so I'll watch myself around you. Kidding. Good to see such an organized structure to all of this. Very cool.
    Danewilson77 -- You cracked me up! And I look forward to the learning -- and the camaraderie.
    M0nk3y -- Thanks -- and speaking of pictures I can't stop staring at ... so nice your ride is!
    Mtnman -- You could not be more right, of course. My wheels, yes. Thanks for keeping me honest. Oh, I also have a dry, reusable air filter stuffed in the stock box! But otherwise …
    Johnrando -- A cousin, without question. Thanks! Also, we're pretty close to age, if I'm reading your "join" date correctly. My odometer clicked past 40 sometime ago, too. Mostly I'm fine with it, except getting under the car and then back up again and then back down -- well, it's not as easy as it once was, and I'm in pretty good shape considering my age. Never thought I'd be sore so frequently!
    Oli77 -- Ciao signore! I need to figure out how to insert such crazy little characters – brightens up the posts.
    CO ZHP – The “other” woman, ha! But really, an understanding wife makes all the difference. I’m not worthy most days, but I’m always grateful.
    OK, one more picture -- we all have great pictures to share, no doubt:

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