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Thread: Derek's E90: ///M3 Sedan Journal

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    Quote Originally Posted by az3579 View Post
    And even worse yet, some of the new models have regressed even further into idiocy and have one light function as brake lights AND turn signals, in red.
    I can't believe the crap that is happening right now.
    What's with the same side headlight that turns off when the blinker is on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by danewilson77 View Post
    What's with the same side headlight that turns off when the blinker is on?

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    ...[this phenomenon] is because of FMVSS 108...If the DRL is close to the Direction Indicator, or even incorporated, You have to turn off the DRL during indicating

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    Quote Originally Posted by holyc0w View Post
    The U.S. doesn't even allow the proper sequential turn signals in the back that Audi has in Europe. That's why you see the sequential part light up along with another static blinking light. Looks pretty half-ass due to the regulation.

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    Gotta love DOT.

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    Sunday Funday! I decided to continue my ricer mods and I installed two more!

    # Venoxy Cluster Gauges
    I was browsing the m3post comestic forums and a few replacement face threads popped up recently. The brand Venoxy stood out because they created wonderful OE-like overlays that replace the OE ones. The version I purchased were black faced with MPH only and the M logo has be converted to be backlit. I wanted something that looked more like the modern M clusters while cleaning up the clutter of having both speed units on the speedometer.

    ## Installation
    The installation wasnt too difficult.

    ### Tools required
    T10 torx bit
    Plastic trim tools
    Heat gun
    Goo Gone or something similar to remove excess adhesive
    Rubbing Alcohol

    Removing everything was pretty simple, the hardest part was really putting back everything perfectly.

    ### Installation notes
    • The overlay's adhesive is very strong. On the MPG and Fuel gauge area, there are a few spots where the overlay is larger than the plastic it sticks too. This resulted in an area that was super sticky and the warmup dial got stuck on this during testing. I had to take it apart again to add some clear plastic shaped to the area to prevent it from sticking again.
    • The needles should not be shoved on too tight. If you press the needles from the center down towards the gauges, it should have spring-like bounce and come back up. If it s too tight, it won't do this. Ask me how I know..:
    • The fuel gauge motor was loose during re-installation. I opened the rear and found out that the wormgear somehow popped out of its place. It is most likely when I removed the needles or something. I fixed the issue and was back up and running.

    ### Impressions
    The quality of the overlays is very close to OE. It has proper spacing and everything just seem to match in terms of spacing and everything else. However, I'm a little disappointed in how it looks more reflective than the very matte OE black ones. This is shown in the picture above and I'm not sure how it will fare when I'm driving with some sun in my cluster. I have not tested the car in the dark yet, but I'm sure that won't be a problem. I love the less-cluttered look and pretty happy with them.

    # M3 trunk emblem
    Nothing too special here, just a wonderful gloss black M3 logo.

    That's it for this entry. Till next time!

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    Looking good!

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