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Thread: Derek's E90: ///M3 Sedan Journal

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    Derek's E90: ///M3 Sedan Journal

    2011 E90 M3
    nickname: Beluga Whale
    Post last updated: 2019-02-19

    Build Date: 05/2010
    Exterior: Alpine White
    Interior: Black Novillo Leather
    Transmission: 6spd Manual
    Options: ZTP, ZPP, 302, 465, 494, 507, 6FL
    Modifications: (Last Updated: 2019-02-19)
    OE BMW Performance kidney grilles
    OE BMW Performance carbon fiber spoiler
    IND Painted OE Reflectors
    MCS 2WNR Dampeners
    Eibach 400lb/in | 700lb/in spring rates
    Eibach 150lb helper springs
    Vorshlag camber plates
    Ground Control rear articulating spring perches
    Powerflex rear shock mounts
    Bimmerworld end-links
    Motorsport Hardware extended lug nuts
    ApexRaceParts wheel studs
    ApexRaceParts 18/20mm wheel spacers
    BBS GT4 18x10+40
    Michelin PS4S 275/35/18
    OE BMW F10 M5 illuminated shift knob
    Tune2Air Bluetooth streaming Y-Cable adapter
    Alpine Stage 1 DME tune
    OE Exhaust 4-pipe mod
    OE BMW spare oil bag
    OE BMW flashlight
    OE BMW euro triangle
    OE BMW first aid kit
    OE BMW carbon fiber license plate frame
    NCSExpert Coding Parameters in a Google Sheet
    A few folks expressed interest in my coding parameters so this is listed here for people to take a look at.

    Hello everyone! I purchased my M3 in the fall of 2017 but first, a little background of my history. My first BMW was a 2004 330i Performance Package 6MT, Black Sapphire/Cloth interior that I bought in 2009. Originally it was my daily driver but it evolved into more of a weekend/HPDE car. I threw a "few" (Stoptech ST40 BBK, GC Coilovers, M3 rear subframe/LSD/Brakes and a few more items) mods on there and setup was perfect as a comfortable street trackable car. But the car eventually reached a point where I was itching for more power but did not want to deal with an S54 swap or forced induction. I made the decision to sell it and look for an E90M3. I will forever miss this car!

    #The Hunt
    It was only natural that an E90M3 replace my E46 ZHP sedan as it was the next generation's best sedan option. I was fortunate enough to sell my car in August and the hunt started! I figured that I should get what I want so I had a fairly strict set of must-have options:

    6MT (Absolutely must-have)
    LCI E90 (ideally 2011.5 for the bluetooth Combox but okay with early 2011 as well)
    Black interior and exterior ideally should be Space gray, Alpine white, or Jerez black in that order.

    It wasn't until the search started to become serious where I realized the production numbers for 6MT LCI E90s were a mere 1055 units in North America. ZCP would've been great, but there were only 355 of those! I truly believed I would be searching for months if not years. A month into my hunt (Sept 2017), I found a no-picture ad that had a VIN of a single-owner LCI E90 6MT Alpine white with 52k miles. I immediately hunted for the dealership's phone number and got a hold of the salesman. Long story short, I am a proud owner of an E90M3 2011 Slicktop!

    September 2017:
    Original shot after detail in

    October 2017:
    After the trailer dropped off the car from Rhode Island to my place in California. Since the car is a pre-COMBOX car, I bought a WMA3000b for Bluetooth streaming music. This solution is decent enough for me as remote controls on the steering wheel still works. I'm happy with the pricepoint of this "mod."

    November 2017:
    I got an OEM exhaust mod done by Todd at Exhaust works in Belmont, CA. One of the best mods to date. I really like the noise it makes without adding drone during highway cruising.
    The car parked next to my fiance's E30 shows how large the E90 has come since the early 90s!
    Sometime during the month as well, I ended up updating my Navigation maps to 2018-1 even though I don't really use it much. 8 years of updates is kinda of nice to have, just in case.
    The final pic of the month was during a few drives through local wineries. I have to say I have grown to love the E90M LCI rear end!

    December 2017:
    There were a few updates this month! I remove the matte black grilles that came with the car and replaced them with OE gloss black ones.
    I addressed the squeak seals with teflon tape right before a nice cruise with a friend with a nice alpine white ZHP. An OE euro triangle and first aid kit finishes up the new pieces.
    At the end of the month, I dropped off the car at Performance Technic to do WPC Bearings/ARP rod bolts. Motor mounts were also replaced at the same time. As usual, Courtney from Performance Technic did an amazing job with the photos!


    January 2018:
    I finally took the car out of hibernation and went on a breakfast cruise with a few friends. The list was a fully stacked one. 996TT, 997.1GT3, WRXSTi, Ftype, F82, and my brother on a GSXR.

    February 2018:
    I ended up finding a great deal on the special BBS GT4RE 18x10 squared set locally from AlekShop. Comparison of the GT4 next to my brother's Msport 335d EC7s. It is hard to notice in the picture, but the spoke sharpness at the middle of the Y is slightly different. It's very subtle and Apex did a really good job getting it pretty damn close. I basically have Apex EC7s with BBS wheels. :

    And that's where we end for now.

    Thanks for reading this very long post! I look forward to enjoying this car for a very long time and continue to update my adventures with it! I hope to build a CS inspired E90. Everyday suitability but race optimized.
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