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To enable that you have to remove 5AP and 8S4 from the system, then code the light control module and camera module with that so it turns both ECUs into Euro. Once that's done you can turn on everything.

I believe the people in forums are mostly the ones who have either grown up with driving premium vehicles and have very little good to say but complain about the the great things they already have or they are just misinformed on how the system works like when you're in the city with street lights and ambient light is fringing on when the system activates the highs.

Just the low beam LED are really decent which I thought my OSRAM CBI HID Bulbs would still be better with but ground penetration with LEDs are just as good if not better in most cases. Having extra beam to the right or left is better than nothing and it's nice to just see that extra. When you don't pay attention to it you just see further ahead period. Normally when following someone you don't really need a beam going past them since they're your warning but it was nice that as I pass them the light is just shot straight out past them and there it no question that it's safe to pass in complete darkness. The isolated light tunnel seems only apparent if I do a quick lateral jog to see the light move and adapt to the condition I'm in but it's not worse than just low beams.

It could just be me too....LOL. Things easily keep me in wonder. I work around people who have nothing and I am always reminded of what my hard work has allowed to afford and enjoy as I live through this journey!
Ahh, you are doing it via VO Coding. There is so many differences I want to know before attempting a VO coding change. I normally do FDL coding as there are items not default in VO.

Anyways, further research has shown the M2 LCI guys have tested deleting 5AP and doing VO Coding and the tunneling effect doesn't work. I'll just stick to VDL since its low beam adjustment only.