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Thread: John's Resto-Mod/DD and possibly project car amazing super-thread

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    John's Resto-Mod/DD and possibly project car amazing super-thread

    I have been wanting a ZHP for a really long time, and since I sold my H3 recently, I thought this would be the perfect time. I've been into off-roading for a long time and I'm going to get another Hummer eventually. But if it's going to be a project, then I need a DD.

    I looked around online for a while but all of the ZHPs I could find were either way overpriced or had super high miles or something. I found one that was close and had been wrecked and the guy wanted almost nothing for it. It also had every option that I wanted. I knew that e46s have some issues with the cooling system and some other little things, so I thought I could fix it up and do some improvements while I was at it. Who doesn't like doing mods, right?

    To do list:
    Maintenance stuff on engine - done
    new cooling system - done
    Put it all back together - done

    Body shop to put bumper and hood on - in progress AND THEY ARE TAKING THEIR SWEET TIME ABOUT IT

    fix headlights - They are ZKW's and the light output suuuuuucks. Also the tabs all broke off so basically nothing about the headlights is usable. I'm going to need new ones. Plus the headlight squirter thing on the left and probably the trim underneath it.

    Figure out coolant leak - I don't think I put the cooling system back together correctly, because the upper hose connects to the reservoir at an angle and leaks. I found a plastic part that was supposed to go in there and put it in, but we'll have to see if that worked. EVENTUALLY *ahem, body shop*.

    A/C condenser - when I took the radiator off, I blew freon everywhere, so i figured the A/C condenser was in good shape. Turns out, it's leaking so that needs to be fixed. It would have been a lot easier with the front end apart, but I'm dumb and didn't do it. This is Texas so I need to fix it even though it's November.


    The damage:

    The engine. Not too bad, I think:

    My garage:
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    Cooling system/pulleys/other engine stuff:

    To start off with, I took off all the damaged stuff and had a pretty clear view of the front of the engine. I replaced a bunch of maintenance type stuff. Aluminum pulleys, one of those high-tech water pumps, new thermostat, belts, etc. It was super easy, I'd highly recommend anyone taking the entire front of your car just to replace belts. It makes the belt part a lot easier.

    The new aluminum pulleys and belts:

    Inside the cooling jacket. Looks very clean to me. I think I got a well maintained car:

    This water pump makes my day. Look how high-tech it looks:

    I basically bought everything that Mishimoto makes and put it together in my apartment (thanks baby wifey!) Sorry I don't have more pictures of the radiator and stuff.

    Reassembled (sorta). I had to buy a lot of little plastic bits, so this part took a while. Thank you amazon and your lightning fast shipping:
    John||2005 BMW 330i ZHP||1995 Chevrolet Camaro 3.4L||2008 Hummer H2 SUT|| @oltorf.the.destroyer

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    At the body shop:

    The hood is on. It needs a few little things, like one of the springs that was bent. He's putting on those hidden hood pins, too. Safety first! I forget what they're called, but they come on some 1-series special edition from the factory so I figure they're not too bad. Also they're black and flat so that's good. I was going to get a steel hood from a junk yard but I live in the middle of nowhere and I would have to drive a million hours to get one. I suppose it's weight savings to offset the increased coolant.

    I got a seibon hood and the body guy said it fit really well. I was worried about that. I wanted a MA shaw hood, but he never returned my calls so whatevs, I guess.

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    Nice work! There wasn't any frame damage to the car in the accident?

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    Def nice werk!

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    John's Resto-Mod/DD and possibly project car amazing super-thread

    Thanks. The shop says the frame is straight. When I put the new rad support in, it lined up perfectly. I think it was a low speed accident and they hit a lifted trucks trailer hitch or something like that. I really lucked out finding this car.

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    nice progress so far! and welcome... you're going to fit in nicely here.

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    The name of the thread gave me chuckle

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