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Thread: John's Resto-Mod/DD and possibly project car amazing super-thread

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    ok, good to know.
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    I just got it back from the alignment shop after overhauling the front end. Tell you what, it feels totally different now. Steering is tight, it doesn't shake on the highway. Completely worth it to rebuild instead of just replacing that one control arm bushing. That one was shot completely, the other one was on it's way out and both inner tie rods were wobbly.

    They also said my rear tires needed to be replaced ASAP and that my rear control arms were a little bent (isn't it a 5 link? which control arms?) so when I do my rear end rebuild I guess I'm replacing those, too.

    Next things on my to-do list:

    oil filter housing gasket - ordered the viton one. Going to do this next saturday since I'm going camping tonight
    Replace headlight washer pump
    Replace right windshield washer nozzle
    Fix left airbags - I'm getting a code for the airbag system and I think I'm going to clean off the contacts and hope that clears the code.
    Fix automatic windshield wiper sensor

    Avin Avant 3 stereo
    phone holder - i got a little cell phone holder from Kuda and I like it, except it hangs down directly in front of the stereo... which is really stupid.
    Install Factory TPMS
    Fix automatic climate control sensor and replace heater resistor .. thing.. i forget exactly what it's called. but it's on the list of things that are likely to go bad.

    That will be it for mechanic stuff, then it's on to cosmetic issues and THEN modifications. maybe.

    oh yeah, I have a 2nd job interview on wednesday, and if I get this job then this list will get marked off a lot faster - and I'll buy a house (AND GARAGE) by the end of the year
    John||2005 BMW 330i ZHP||2006 BMW X5 4.8is|| @_oltorf_

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    Sounds good, man ! Did you say the car passed recently the state inspection ? I wonder how they missed the condition of rear tires.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fredo View Post
    Sounds good, man ! Did you say the car passed recently the state inspection ? I wonder how they missed the condition of rear tires.
    yeah, that was 3 months ago or so. Probably lazy inspectors.
    John||2005 BMW 330i ZHP||2006 BMW X5 4.8is|| @_oltorf_

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    Good stuff!

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