Hi Guys,

2 Years ago I had a window tint done on my M3, and the geniuses who did the installation decided to remove the windows to do it. In doing so, they lost some of the parts that form the rear clamp of the passenger side window.

The window can still be mounted, but the missing parts affect the tilt alignment of the window, and so ever since them they have never sealed quite right against the door edge protector.

Yesterday I took the doors apart to see what was going on, and discovered this mess that they had left. I luckily found the missing parts for the drivers side sitting inside the door panel, but no such luck on the passenger side.

These are the parts I am looking for (Parts 1,2 and 3). For what it's worth my car is RHD, and I don't know if these parts differ between the two doors, but I'm looking for the front left door:

They for part of the rear clamp/window holder on the coupe/convertible regulator:

If anyone has these parts, maybe even from a broken regulator, I'd hugely appreciate it if I could purchase them, as they are not sold separately to the window regulator.

Thank you.