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Thread: Turning a dream into a reality

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    Turning a dream into a reality

    I knew I would be driving a bmw since before I was a teenager. The day came, in 2009, when I bought my first car, and my dad tried to convince me to get something german, like a bm or benz. I chose a scion tC rationale being that maintenance would cost less, and bmws were known to break. I think I regret that day, because it did not take long before I HATED driving my scion. It was like a freakin 2 ton RC car. Its only saving grace was that it was a stick shift. Still, I knew that my next car would be a BMW.
    Fast forward to 2015 - I again toyed with the idea of a german car (I was looking at the new generation of 3-series and C-classes) I visited a few dealerships from Seattle to Beaverton, OR, and could not make a deal. Ended up getting a VW tiguan, as I was coaching soccer as a side gig, and decided I needed the extra space.
    Fast forward to 2017 - I decided I did NOT need the extra space, and started looking for the thing I really wanted: an E46. I started researching the topic, and saw that I could settle for something a little sportier, sexier, and not pay my life savings for an M3. I'm talking about the ZHP. I was in the market for almost half a year before I zeroed in on one in San Francisco. It needed work, but all things considered, the price was right.
    Flew down there, and drove it back to Seattle. Now I am rebuilding what seems like half the engine, and can't wait to start using this as my daily.

    2005 330Ci ZHP
    87k miles
    Leather seats/alcantara steering wheel
    black cube trim
    no mods...pure

    So far, I've done...
    -New FLCAs & Bushings (Lemmy)
    -New Rear shocks (billy)
    -New air filters (Mann)
    -New windshield washer pump (OEM)
    -new xenons (OEM)
    -New rear quarter window weather stripping (it was cracked and brittle. Bought the genuine glossy rail gasket, and did the cheap DIY on the shadow line gasket with 3M weather stripping)

    Currently working on VCG, spark plugs, Dr. Vanos rebuild, oil filter housing gasket & trying to diagnose P0171/P0174 (lean code banks 1&2)
    -Need to replace certain tensioners & pulleys, as apparently one of them is "splitting, causing uneven pressure", per PPI. I still need to remove the fan to check out the tensioners, and see which one they were referring to.
    -Going to replace my PCV system as well, since I snapped the frikken valve cover breather tube when removing it. That thing is brittle af.
    -I am getting the P0444 code as well, not really sure how to diagnose it, but people are saying there's a 90% chance it is a faulty fuel tank purge valve.
    -I was gonna do a motor flush since I had to drain the oil anyway, but read so many cautions against it, saying it could potentially damage the engine. After opening the VC, things look pretty clean, so at the very most, I may just run a cheaper oil through the engine for 30 minutes then drain and replace with the good stuff (I am using Pentosin 5w-30. Any one have comments on that?)
    -Then I will flush brake fluid (still currently running ATE Blue, will replace with Gold), tranny & PSF (Redline D4 ATF), differential (Redline 75w90), coolant (bmw w/ H20)
    -fix 'window wobble'
    -Lastly, I will get the front and rear bumpers fixed, do a full spectrum detail with retinting (5%...I like it dark) and then I will slowly do aftermarket upgrades.

    -Black gloss kidney grills
    -Electric fan swap....?
    -aux cable
    -air filter upgrade (still need to do more research)
    -front struts may need to be done in the future, and possibly guibo in the near future.
    -maybe something with the exhaust, i dunno
    -maybe subwoofer, but i may have grown out of the bass slut phase

    ANYWAY, I will be chronicling my progress on this thread, thanks for reading, and I look forward to any helpful input!

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    Btw love you avatar

    His - 2004 Imola Red / Alcantara 330i | 6MT | ZHP |

    Her's - 2005 Black Sapphire Metallic / Black Leather 330i | 6MT | ZHP |

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    +1. Did you find the car thru this forum ?
    2005 IR / black / 6MT
    144,000 miles

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    2004 BMW 330CI ZHP, Silver Grey Metallic, Dinan: Stage 2 Software, High Flow Intake,
    Free Flow Exhaust, Front Strut Bar, Stage 2 Suspension System, Staggered Hartge Replica Wheels,
    M3 Mirrors (Side and Interior), M3 Seats

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vas View Post

    Btw love you avatar
    haha thanks
    Quote Originally Posted by fredo View Post
    +1. Did you find the car thru this forum ?
    Yes! Previously owned by Bruce, and he sold it to someone on the forums, and then i got it
    Quote Originally Posted by PdZHP View Post
    wooot i prefer the darker shade, like a gun metal grey, but this looks boss too .

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    Post pics (again?)

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    Name:  Tindall 1.jpg
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    Beautiful. She looks to be in great shape.

    Much like you, I took a longer route to get where I ultimately wanted to be (including a pit stop in crossover land).
    Emma - 2005 BMW 330ci ZHP 6MT Estorilblau Individual

    Installed: Sportline 8s 18x8.5F - 18x9.5R | aFe Dry S Intake | 135i Brembo Front Calipers | M3 Front Sway Bar | 325xi Rear Sway Bar | M3 Dead Pedal | M3 Front Seats | Z4 Mirror | Lexus ES300 Yellow Fog Light Retrofit | Koni Yellows | Llumar CTX 40% | Coby Tri-Stitch Wheel & Boots

    Awaiting Install: M3 Wing Mirrors | MagnaFlow 16533 Cat-Back | 135i Rear Brembo Calipers

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    Thanks, the interior is pretty decent, needs a thorough detail though.
    I wanna keep this ting until one of us dies.

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