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Thread: Turning a dream into a reality

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    Damn, that's a guzzler!
    If it helps, I'm sure my O2s have 190k on them(I'm replacing things for the first time on my car, really impressive imo) and my mpg is around 24-26 mixed.
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    Def looks great!

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    If sensors are anything like the MAF, it might take a full tank of driving in mixed conditions until the car readapts and works at optimum efficiency. I feel like I’ve done everything there is to do in the 8k miles of driving the car: plugs, tubes/vacuum lines, lower intake boot, air filter, fuel filter, disa o-ring, MAF, purge valve, VANOS, misc. vacuum leaks, calipers, multiple oil changes + ceratec... looked into doing the fuel pump as well but it only has like 25k miles on it. Anyway, we’ll see!
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