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Thread: Road trip story & Project thread: 2001 Titanium Silver e39 M5

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    Thank you!

    It's actually very typical to see that because of condensation, every E31 I owned that was sitting for a long time had this issue. The rest of the exhaust system is perfect but mufflers are the weak link.

    I'm hunting all over Europe but lately Spain has been lucky for me. Anywhere in Southern Europe should be fine, Italy, Spain... I always wanted to go to Southern France, would be cool if something pops up over there.

    Btw, I got it running over the weekend! -

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    Mini update.

    The reason why E31 wouldn't start: bad fuel pumps, ignition wires and ultimately clogged fuel injectors that looked like this when I pulled them out.

    After cleaning and servicing them.

    I also threw a new radiator at it. Based on the previous E31 experience where the original one started leaking shortly after it was brought back to life this seemed like a smart move.

    It's running but really rough upon a cold start so that's next to sort out.

    I finally ponied up for a smoke machine as it's a useful tool to how around and confirmed my suspicion that the intake manifold gaskets are leaking on one side.

    So intake manifolds need to come out and gaskets resealed. On top of that, I can't bleed the brakes as the ABS pump is 100% clogged and brake fluid won't flow through it. So still lots to do.

    I always wanted to get Milwaukee cordless ratchet but they are around $250 in Europe and I didn't feel like spending the money so I got the Chinese copy instead. It actually feels heavy and sturdy and gets the job done well. I'll be using for the next 30 days and decide if I want to keep it but so far for $55 not bad at all.

    Since 8er can finally move under its own power, I drove it off the lift to attend the M5 and replace thrust arms.

    As I mentioned earlier, Lemforder bushings spilled their guts after just 12k miles, probably even earlier and it was just getting progressively worse.

    Ball joints are still good but bushings are very toasty. I actually wrote an email to ZF in Germany and asked if they are aware of this as I've heard and read so many cases of these bushings failing prematurely on E39. They said they had issues with these bushings but resolved them from 2018 onwards. My thrust arms are from 2016 according to the date stamp.

    Whether they actually resolved it I have no idea but I ended up going with TRW this time. Hopefully they last longer than Lemforder did. The rest of the suspension I changed back in May of 2018 with Lemforder parts and all of that it holding up fine.

    I still have to drive on the Autobahn to see if steering wheel shake under braking is gone, but just on the way home last night the difference is so noticeable. I can't believe how long I drove with busted thrust arm bushings.

    Next stuff that needs fixing on the M5 before TUV inspection in May: rear brakes, diff leak, shifter linkage and likely new tires.
    Also, out of 4 power steering lines that this car has, I replaced 3 and yesterday I noticed that the 4th is leaking as well. The one that goes from the PS pump to the steering box. Looks like great fun to replace it and a pretty good hit on the wallet at a whopping $185 price tag.

    I'm back on E31 now which I'll hopefully finish soon so I can move it. I really want to get back on E38 and get it ready for TUV, it should've been ready a long time ago but I'm really struggling for free time to attend all of these cars. The rusty black 750iL I haven't touched since I bought it in September. I'm currently trying to cut my working hours to 4 days in a week so that way I get 1 full day to break and fix stuff in the garage.

    Cheers for now.

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