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Thread: Power steering fix kit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oli77 View Post
    Happy to help and thanks for the comment.

    I wasted a long time with that tool around the hose pulling and bitching. Then I wasted more time on the internet to look around about how to do it and found the answer so I thought to share the knowledge.

    Pretty easy job I thought.
    I tried to do the job without the hose tool, the way the 50’s Kid showed on his video. But I just could not get it to come off. Watched and rewatched it to no avail. Finally saw somewhere about the tool. Found it online and had it shipped. Meanwhile the car sat.

    Once I got it, it still took about ten times longer than it should have since I didn’t know to take the tool OFF the hose once you get it moving about an inch or so. After that, it was a breeze. That $12(?) tool was invaluable.

    I replaced the whole PS system, hoses, clamps and the pump too. At 145k, I didn’t want to dive into it again and replace the other parts piece by piece as they failed. The leak had actually killed my alternator so that got replaced too.

    Didn’t have a need for any special tools. The other bolts were easy enough to access.

    I love this crowd!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyGraphic View Post
    I love this crowd!
    That's cause we all love this car!
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