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Thread: Cooling System Refresh Questions

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    Cooling System Refresh Questions

    Hey guys, I'm going to tackle my cooling refresh soon and I have a couple questions. First off, I ordered the level 3 refresh kit from ECS Tuning and I wanted your opinions on this kit. Is there anything in this kit you guys don't like or do you think it's good to go? Also, is there anything else I should do while I'm in there? Do I need to replace the ET hoses or water pipe hoses? It looks like there are some other hoses involved in the cooling system, but none of these kits include them. Is that because they don't need to be replaced?

    Kit I ordered:

    Do I need any of these?

    Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it.


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    That kit is pretty solid. It should be all you need. I would recommend a lower pressure ET cap to reduce some of the stresses on the cooling system components.

    The hoses you linked to are under the intake manifold. It's a good idea to replace them if you ever remove your manifold. Not sure about the lower ET hose. That one may be doable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeathTrap View Post
    I would recommend a lower pressure ET cap to reduce some of the stresses on the cooling system components.
    1.4 bar cap right here fam

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    I would buy the parts from fcp euro cause of the lifetime warranty

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    Thanks for the advice guys!

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