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Thread: Imola sedan DD

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    I replaced my steering guibo, the originally had some slight play in it. Only took a couple pics, the steering feel is improved.

    Also did this fuel pump relay which is a common failure.

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    I havenít driven the ZHP until recently. I decided to take care of the VANOS (seals, rattle, etc) I bought a rebuilt unit ready to go so all I had to do was take the old one out and plug in the new one.

    Pop in some much needed new plugs

    New unit

    Almost stripped out this bolt!!!!

    but after a little prayer I got it out.

    Also put in new camshaft sensor while I had it out but not pictured. Definitely noticed low end torque improvement. Next project is the CCV system which I will post once I get it done.

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    Nice werk! Love an opened engine.

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    Imola sedan DD


    I tackled the CCV system, it took about 4-5hrs. I left the disa rebuild for another day. It was difficult but not as hard as I imagined. I replaced all hoses to it, dip stick oring, both intake boots etc.

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    This was back in 2/28 @ 105,320mi
    I was getting a misfire from cylinder # 6 and after swapping coils the misfire followed. I decided to replaced all the ignitions coils and have not had any misfires since.

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