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Thread: DSC 5E40 Steering angle implausible

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    Thank you everyone for all your help.

    Took the car to get aligned and the guy said that the alignment and toe just fine but it's ever so slightly off and not really required to do take any action. Recommended to just leave it.

    I told him the scenario and he said he can make a slight adjustment, and that's it. I accepted paid and left. Same problem was occurring.

    I recalibrated with INPA, cleared the faults and then recalibrated the steering wheel by turning car on, turning it lock to lock, center and then turned the car off.

    When I turned the car back on, boom no lights and no random traction control/abs!!!

    Thanks everyone for all your help!

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    That’s good news, man !
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    There ya go. That recalibration helped on a guy's car I was doing it on. Glad it worked out.

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    Low / old battery will cause all kinds Of weird electronic issues. My second ZHP has a similar DSC issue it is way more sensitive to wheel spin. I was going to clean the wheel speed sensors.

    Second I was going to do the M3 settings as the plan is to put a LSD in it.
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    Okay guys thank you for all your help the problem is back and I've figured out why while trying to solve another problem with the car!

    The actual sensor on the steering shaft is very loose and sometimes gets stuck in one position when turning and then recentering. This makes the car think it's turning when it's not and that's why we get the steering angle not plausible error.

    So now my next step is to tighten the steering angle sensor but I tried playing around with it and for the life of me can't figure out how to get this thing to tighten up so it turns with the steering shaft.

    Is this part supposed to be loose as it is? Any ideas on how to secure it against the shaft?
    Any insight is highly appreciated!

    Attached is a pic of the sensor(which works perfectly but does not stay secured against the steering shaft)

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    Alright latest update: After some more investigation I found out that the previous owner replaced the steering shaft andwas actually missing the plastic piece that would keep the wire in place.

    So my solution was to zip tie it and haven't had a problem since doing so! Hoping this is the final solution.

    Thanks to all who have helped out with this one!

    Pic attached

    Hopefully this thread will help someone else with the same issue!

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    Glad you figured it out

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