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Thread: Robís E82 135i (Kproís Legacy Thread)

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    Robís E82 135i (Kproís Legacy Thread)

    This car.

    I saw this car for the first time just a hair over 6 years ago. Rob and Kristen brought it to the ZHP Mafia Meet back in 2012. I had just purchased the ZHP a year ago, was enjoying the car and getting into the maintenance/mod side of things. I loved driving the ZHP. It always put a smile on my face, but even when I bought it I had always wished it were faster (I originally looked at E46 M3ís but I was just getting out of college and didnít have the funds). In my head I settled on supercharging it down the road to get that power I had always wanted and just enjoyed the ZHP for what it was, a beautiful car.

    So now Iím at the 2012 SIGFest and this 135i comes along that catches everyoneís attention. Kristen is letting people drive it, and down the road it goes as the car rips through first and second gear. Itís loud.

    Kristen asked me if I wanted to drive it. I knew right away if I drove that car, I would resent having the ZHP until it was faster, and I didnít have the money to go forced induction. I reluctantly declined and just left it at that.

    Over the years I had seen the car again a few times. Once in New Jersey it had blown rear shocks and I wasnít able to drive it. Another time it was at the 2015 Mafia Meet in Ohio. (see pic below)

    Iíve been pining for this car for years and have said half heartedly that if it ever went up for sale, Iíd buy it. At last years meet in Ohio, I reminded Kristen and she told me that she might be selling it soon and I would be first in line.

    April 2018 Ė The car is for sale. M2 is being ordered and the 135i is now up for grabs.

    It took me all of ten seconds to commit to buying the 135i.

    A few weeks ago, Justin and I drove down to South Carolina to hang out for the weekend and so I could finally drive the car Iíve been wanting to buy for 6 years. Flew down two weeks later and left with the fastest car Iíve ever been in.

    Driving it in the street is totally normal. Itís loud from the exhaust, but it burbles and is one of the best exhausts Iíve ever heard. Get into boost though, and its like getting shot out of a gun.

    The maintenance history on this car is extensive, all done by BMW or reputable shops (VAC etc) and everything is in a binder with receipts.
    This car is going to be expensive, Iím aware of what I purchased and I plan on keeping it OEM+

    2008 BMW 135i Ė N54 Twin Turbo
    VIN - WBAUC73588VF22821
    61124 miles at purchase

    Mod List

    AR Designs Catless Down Pipes
    Agency Power Mid Pipe
    Corsa Exhaust
    KW v2 coilovers
    Hotchkis front swaybar
    BMW Performance Side Skirts
    BMW Performance Pedals
    BMW Performance Steering Wheel
    BMW Performance CF Splitters
    CF Spoiler
    CF Diffuser
    CF Mirror Caps
    Injen Intake
    Cobb tuner
    CP-E Charge Pipe with HKS SQQV BOV
    LED AE
    6700k D1S
    Evolution Racewerks FMIC
    VAC Motorsports wheel stud kit
    OS Giken Superlock LSD - Stock gear ratio
    Dinan Front Strut Bar
    P3 vent gauge v1
    Evolution Racewerks engine cover
    ZHP Shift Knob
    VMR 701 Wheels

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    Bringing this car to Maryland meant a few things.

    1. I would have to get a state inspection

    2. I would have to pass emissions

    This car would do neither of those things when I bought it because of the catless down pipes lol

    Detuned the car to Cobb Stage 1 and took it to my mechanic. After swapping in the stock down pipes (thank you again Rob and Kristen for holding on to these and sending them my way) I passed state inspection. Oh I needed rear brakes too since the back ones were a bit on the thin side. While I was there I also had my mechanic swap the manual transmission fluid since I didn't think it had ever been done. I was waiting in the lobby and as soon as they pulled the fluid out I could smell exactly how original it was - trans and diff fluid always smell horrible!

    AR Designs Catless Down Pipes swapped out for the stock down pipes

    Manual transmission changed with Redline MTL

    Rear brakes and rotors replaced with BMW OEM pads and rotors - I did a brake bedding procedure that night on the beltway

    Maryland State Inspection Complete

    So the next hurdle was passing emissions. Maryland allows you one readiness sensor fail, which can either be the cat or an O2 sensor but not both. After clearing all of the DTC's I did a few extended drive cycles to try and get the car to show the emission sensors as "ready". Checked the car with an OBDII scanner after a week of very careful driving and it was good to go. (This part really sucked. Not being able to go over 3k RPM's, nothing above half throttle and nothing above 60mph or the readiness sensor test stops)

    Passed emissions and drove to my mechanic the same day.

    Name:  IMG_20180521_091239.jpg
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    My mechanic reinstalled the AR Designs Catless Down Pipes and also changed the fluid on the OS Giken Superlock LSD. The LSD requires some serious fluid ($60 a liter!) and it needs to be changed out every 12k miles.

    AR Designs Catless Down Pipes reinstalled

    Diff fluid changed with OS250R gear oil

    Reinstalled Cobb Stage 2+

    Removed the pink wheel cap stickers

    Installed new air freshener - Previous owner had one that I liked so I bought a new one to replace it

    Name:  IMG_20180512_190107.jpg
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    So at this point the car doesn't really need much other than someone to drive it. Had to buy another front license plate mount from US Mill Works since Maryland requires a front tag. Of course I went with the lightened unit. 5oz less, all about that power to weight ratio

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    2005 Jet Black 6MT ZHP "Family First"

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    2005 Jet Black 6MT ZHP "Family First"

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    About time you made a thread!

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    So nice. I felt the same eay driving it. I am jealous that you got it but very happy for you. Just not a need for that awesome beast in my stable. Glad it's staying in the family.

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    i want to check this thing out!!

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    Well that thing sure sounds nice, Rob.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 704sw View Post
    Well that thing sure sounds nice, Rob.

    And with the childish giggle after starting it up, it's perfect.

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    Rob, so happy for you. Buckle up

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    Thanks guys. I'm pretty happy with it right now to say the least.

    Yes the seat belt is absolutely being worn. Haven't turned the DCS off.

    Whenever we have the next mafia meet I'm happy to sit in the passenger seat for some rides. Just bring an extra pair of underwear.

    One of the few mods I did end up doing first was replacing the rear license plate holder. Ended up going with the same carbon fiber design that was originally on the car.
    2005 Jet Black 6MT ZHP "Family First"

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