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Thread: Cont'd noise help

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    Cont'd noise help

    I'm getting a noise from the rear end when I turn in to (or out of) parking lots which have some elevation. 5 miles per hour...imagine making a pretty sharp (but still slow) turn in to a ramped entrance to a parking lot. The noise doesn't seem to be there when going straight over speed bumps or potholes...more just the product of lateral load transitioning back and forth at slow speed. Any thoughts based on the video below? Noise can be heard a few times during the video, but perhaps clearest at the end. The noise isn't as loud as it seems in the video, but still audible to the driver.

    115k miles. Fully rebuilt suspension front/rear. At the rear specifically...shocks, shock mounts, reinforcement plates, and RTABs have all been done in the past few thousand miles. Diff and subframe mounts have been inspected by multiple shops and are said to be fine.

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    Have you checked the giudo aka flex disk
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    Yes, the flex disk has been inspected as well. The noise is definitely suspension-related, and definitely coming from the back.

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    spring pad or rsm recently changed?

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    RSMs are new. I'm pretty sure the spring pads are original, as the rear springs didn't need to come out when the new shocks/mounts went in at the back. I just want my car to sound like yours!

    I saw some other threads about RTAB binding w/o proper preload causing a popping noise, however my understanding is that the powerflex bushings which I used didn't need preload.

    A good place to hear the noise is driving up through a parking garage where there are frequent transitions from ramp to flat, which coincide with turning. This creates lateral rock which produces the noise. The noise isn't there driving over a speed bump (i.e. both rear wheels move basically in unison).

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    If the RSMs were overtorqued to the shock, then it could be binding there. The torque setting is like 14nm so you could easily overtorque it by hand.

    If the spring pad is worn through, then it could be the spring twisting on the seat.

    Or it could be a torn RACP

    I have a similar creaking in my left rear over odd transitions like that and the subframe area looks fine, so I'm assuming it's either RSMs, spring pads, or RTABs. I only hear it with the rear seat folded down, though.

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    My RSMs are probably 10% overtorqued. Not sure about the Konis, but on my Bilsteins you need to counter hold with an allen wrench so you can't actually get a torque wrench on the center nut, only an open-end wrench. The two, outer nuts should be properly torqued on mine.

    My (uninformed) sense is that the spring pad or RACP possibility would create some noises over speed bumps...but I'm not getting the noise when the rear suspension moves in unison. Makes me think it's more bar-related.

    Your car sounded very quiet when I drove it. Mine is audible with the seat up, and more so with the seat down.

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    did you ever find the problem? i'm having similar noise from the rear that i can't seem to fix.
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    Nope. Dropped it off at the shop today to see if they can get to the bottom of it.

    My thoughts on self-diagnosing would be to 1: remove the rear shocks and drive around to see if that noise continues. If so....remove the rear bar and drive around some more. That would be a good way to cross off a lot of the potential problems.

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