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Thread: We havenít done a GB in a while

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    Quote Originally Posted by BADCLOWN View Post
    Would anyone else be interested in a GB on this lip?

    I contacted the seller and they may be able to get us wholesale cost (don’t know what that is yet) depending on how many people want it
    I might be interested because carbon fiber

    I would like to know what the GB price will be before making my decision...

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    Looks great but my car is so slow I hit a small clear plastic cup, lol. I'll pass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnrando View Post
    Looks great but my car is so low I hit a small clear plastic cup, lol. I'll pass.
    My M3 is low and I won't drive in fear of being low... the blauzed will be just as low and I will eventually have OEM Performance splitters on it but will still drive low because these cars look amazing like this

    I'm still thinking of getting this depending on price and if I do get this will run with this part until I repaint my ZHP...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JPMo View Post
    Probably a long shot, but if we could somehow source original or high quality replicas of the garbino lip in a group buy, I think we could get a decent amount of people. My understanding is that they are pretty rare and made in Japan so logistics would SUCK
    Stuart sourced an authentic Garbino Lip for his wagon and paid a lot of money (over a thousand dollars iirc) to buy then ship from Japan. The original item is beautifully produced and is something I myself would be afraid to use considering the expense of the lip spoiler and the poor quality roads here in New England... good luck finding a garbino lip these days. I just tried using google to see if I could find any for sale and the search came up empty... Garbino makes lip spoilers for Mini Coopers but I did not see any for an E46 BMW.

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