After watching the E39Source guy's install video (linked above), I'm now seriously considering buying this module and adding it to my Z4MC. I have a grand total of about 4 tunable FM stations where I now live, and only half of them are in English. None play anything of interest. The Z4MC's electronics are basically the same as the E46, including the head unit, which has a slightly different faceplate but is otherwise the same unit, right down to the display. Navigating stations & presets is easier and more intuitive than I would have guessed, making this a viable option for me. It's all well and good that I can stream from a phone if I want to, but that's a hassle in everyday driving.

Very easy to get 5 months for $25 and continually renew at the same rate, I do it on my VW with virtually zero hassle - but you do have to call and ask for it. Good info about about the 3 months free for an inactive unit!