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Thread: DIY meet?

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    Cool DIY meet?

    So DIY meet this weekend? lol So I started working on my car, then got lazy. I have to leave in 2 hours anyways. So now I'm inviting people over to help, also make me less lazy lol This time we are working on my car, since it's already on the lift. Doing control arms, tie rods, and steering coupler. Oh and fuel filter whenever I buy more clamps and hoses. I'm doing FCABs too, but the problem is that FCPeuro sent me two right sides so I have to wait on them to replace it if they ever respond.

    If not, maybe next week. Because I'll have to do this all over again with JR's car anyways.

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    PM the guy on this forum, his username is FCP Euro.
    Sorry, can't make it across the country in time. Best of luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oli77 View Post
    PM the guy on this forum, his username is FCP Euro.
    Sorry, can't make it across the country in time. Best of luck.
    Thanks. I called them yesterday. Tried emailing them today so I'll just wait for a response tomorrow I guess.

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    Sorry I was slammed, played in Beach Tennis tournament all day both days. See you later today!

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