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Thread: Winter tires size consensus?

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    I drive my Jeep in the winter(well I will after the doctors give me the all clear from my back surgery last week) and Vader is locked up in the garage finally. My father, however, has driven various maxed out Camaros year round since the late seventies in Nebraska. He swears by Blizzaks. Heís had them on 3 different ones now and also on my motherís G35 coupe. Iíve only personally driven 2 of them with those tires in bad weather and can say I was impressed. If I had to drive mine in the winter, I would go this route on 17s.

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    Thanks again for the advice.

    Quiet winter so far and the 245/45/17 square set up Blizzaks have been fine in what little snow/cold we've had.

    I did manage to sell the set of 225/50/17s with the pair of wheels with +28 offset that didn't fit. Got what I paid for them, so all good.

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