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I was initially against coilovers just because I didn't want the extra complication but I suppose I should reevaluate my reasoning.

What top mount are you running for camber adjustments?
When I installed my Bilstein coilovers, I installed the Ground Control camber kit. They are shown on post # 173 on my Mystic Adventure project thread on page 18.


Post #974 on page 98 shows the actual install of my coilovers and the setting on my camber kit which I had set to -1 degree as I wanted to have my front tires more square to the pavement.


I have always had coilovers with front camber kit installed on my BMWs but this time around I wanted something much better than the BC Racing coilovers so I went with my Bilstein/Ground Control Camber Kit setup and have no regrets going this route. When it is time to refresh my suspension on my M3 I will be doing the same there.