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Thread: JP's 2004 TiAg ZHP - OEM+ Build Thread and Maintenance Log

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vas View Post
    The aluminum pulleys are a nice upgrade however it's more of a long term upgrade. The plastic ones last 60-80k which is the service interval for belts, pulleys and cooling system parts.

    As far as the Stewart water pump, that upgrade is a waste of money. The composite or metal water pumps do the job just fine even on track vehicles.

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    I disagree on the stewart pump, respectfully. The stock pumps definitely do the job just fine. However in my old 325Ci I upgraded to the stewart pump and found my average temperatures on my temp gauge read slightly lower. I don't have any numeric figures to genuinely compare or back it up. But I even noticed it lower when running in conjunction with a set of Turner Underdrive Pulleys.

    In hindsight I wish I would have held on to those pulleys. I think I sold them for 80 bucks. But I didn't notice any real benefit from a honestly other than slightly stiffer steering on my 325 rack. That could have been in my head though. With pulleys, intake, and axle back I dyno'd 165whp lol

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    We used to have a thread with a lot of us putting down our operating temperature. . .

    There it is. 2 had data with Stewart water pump including me who went from 96 to 93 degrees C.
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    interesting info. I'll probably get an OEM and a stewart in a few years

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