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Thread: Chime? All the time... Fob? Never

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    Chime? All the time... Fob? Never

    My 03 zhp locking system is acting up.

    I have checked all the fuses - none are faulty.

    The key fob does not work on the doors or trunk.

    Central lock button works.

    Key into door locks/unlocks all doors.

    The chime rings whenever the driver's door in open, whether the key is in the ignition or not.

    The key will not reset (with the 5 clicks to position 1 then push the key buttons in the proper sequence procedure)

    The car has angel eyes (previous owner installed) that seem dimmer when the car is not running. This might be totally unrelated.

    The battery tested great.

    The alternator tested great.

    I'm stumped, and would love the experience / wisdom of the group on this.

    Please send me your suggestions on the cause and suggested fixes.

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    It could be the General Module - check out
    2006 330ci ZHP - Silbergrau Metallic / Stoff Laser/Anthrazit / Alu Black Cube trim / Adaptive Xenon headlights / HK hi-fi system / heated front seats

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