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Thread: 2003 Imola Supercharged ZHP sedan in Atlanta

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    2003 Imola Supercharged ZHP sedan in Atlanta

    2003 BMW 330 ZHPs For Sale
    2004 BMW 330 ZHPs For Sale
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    2006 BMW 330 ZHPs For Sale
    Imola Red exterior- specific ZHP e46 sedan color-

    Black interior- heated Nappa leather M6 seats with electric adjustable lumbar and side bolsters seats.

    Current mileage 195720 as of 11/01/18

    Original Engine replaced at 172250 miles, replacement engine from 2004 330ci automatic convertible, vin WBABW53454PL45828, mileage when car was salvaged 108,958. Engine in great condition. so current engine has 132428 miles. I have the Carfax verifying mileage of engine.

    Engine was purchased on 5/7/2015 from Quarry Motors in Naples Florida and shipped to me. See the pictures of the engine when I received it. The engine was spotless clean. upon opening the valve cover, the internals were also very clean.

    The engine swap and all preventive maintenance items was done around Nov 8 2015. Took about 1 week to complete do all the maintenance and cam swap...

    Almost everything engine related was replaced during the engine swap. Below are the items replaced.

    1. Swapped over the ZHP cams
    2. Install Vanos Beisan kit
    3. install catless headers
    4. new exhaust gaskets
    5. install 2- Vibrant 200 CEL high flow race catalytic convertors in section 2
    6. new valve cover gasket
    7. new oil pan gasket
    8. new 2nd air pump filter
    9. oil pump nut safety wired
    10. new coolant temp sensor
    11. new front and side cam position sensors
    12. new water pump
    13. new throttle body o ring
    14. new thermostat
    15. new radiator
    16. new coolant tank
    17. new coolant tank cap
    18. new- ALL coolant hoses including the hard-plastic lines under intake manifold
    19. new intake manifold gaskets
    20. new knock sensors
    21. new OFHG
    22. new serpentine belt
    23. new idle pulley
    24. new cabin air filter
    25. new Mass Air Flow meter

    Since I have owned this ZHP, I have replaced the following parts:
    1. New M3 motor mounts
    2. UUC transmission mounts
    3. New Guibo
    4. New Center Support Bearing
    5. New Rear driveshaft CV joint
    6. New Right Half Shaft CV boots
    7. New AKG front control arm bushings
    8. New AKG Rear trailing arm bushings
    9. New AKG rear subframe bushings
    10. New AKG rear differential bushings
    11. New Windshield
    12. New Windshield cowl screen
    13. New Power steering pump
    14. New Clutch slave cylinder
    15. New fuel filter
    16. New Bosch fuel pump
    17. New Sunroof shade clips
    18. New headlight lens
    19. New front and rear brake pads
    20. New front brake rotors
    21. New Left front wheel bearing
    22. New all 6 Bosch fuel injectors
    23. New all 6 Bosch coil packs
    24. NGK Iridium spark plugs (1 range colder)
    25. New BMW ZHP shift knob
    26. Full size 18” spare wheel/tire

    The following performance upgrades were installed:
    1. VF engineering- Vortech V2 Supercharger kit- Dyno in 2015- 283 RWHP, approx 315 at crank.
    2. German Auto Solutions- DISA valve upgraded kit with O-Ring
    3. UUC under drive pullies
    4. Catless headers
    5. Syndro Design Works- Single mass lightweight Flywheel and clutch
    6. BMW factory Short shift kit with cartridge bearing and Derin bushings
    7. Exhaust resonators deleted with Vibrant 200 CEL race catalytic convertors
    8. Active Autoworks rear muffler
    9. M3 fuel tank baffle
    10. Brembo GT front big brake kit- 4 pistons calipers
    11. Front brake dust shield removed for better cooling
    12. Stainless steel brake lines
    13. E90 335i rear brake calipers, pads, stainless steel lines (25% bigger pad and piston)
    14. Bilstein PSS9 9-way adjustable coil over suspension
    15. H&R front and rear sway bars
    16. Rear adjustable control arms
    17. E46m3 front top strut mounts
    18. Active Auto Works front strut brace.
    19. Front strut reinforcement plates
    20. Welded rear subframe chassis reinforcement
    21. 3.38 open differential
    22. Euro traction control coded
    23. Crank Case ventilation deleted- Moroso Oil Catch Can installed
    24. M6 electric heated, adjustable lumbar and side bolsters front seats
    25. SSR competition 18x8 wheels
    26. Bridgestone RE71 255-35-18 tires
    27. Front hub stud kit
    28. Clutch delay valve removed

    The following aesthetics upgrades were installed:
    1. LED angel eyes
    2. Xenon fog lights
    3. Xenon headlights FX upgrade
    4. LED rear taillights
    5. 3M carbon film roof and rear bumper diffuser wrap
    6. 30% window tint
    7. Interior mirror with compass, garage door opener, automatic dim
    8. Electric power folding M3 mirrors- hydro dip carbon fiber, mirror switch, coded to fold with key
    9. European M3 driver mirror dual section lens.
    10. Colby Alcantara steering wheel and shifter surround
    11. Airbag recall done
    12. Bose subwoofer inside spare wheel- amp in the trunk
    13. BMW M pedal sets- Gas, Brake and Clutch
    14. BMW M Dead pedal

    Other information:
    ZHP passed emission after a retune in Oct 2018. It failed in 2017 because original Supercharger injectors were leaking causing check engine light. This was fixed with new Bosch EV1 injectors and TRM retune to match these injectors. Car gets 27MPG at 75 mph highway.
    ZHP is my backup track car so it has been used on track 12 times. After each track event, it gets new oil and filter changes.
    Mobil 1 European car formula 0W40 engine oil
    Redline transmission and differential oil
    BMW blue coolant with distilled water and water wetter added
    Car was dynos with 283HP at the rear wheel. Approx. 310 crank HP
    VERY SMOOTH power and torque curves. No dips as the revs build. See dyno chart
    AC blows ice cold- 38 deg at center vent on max cold. See picture, Heat is HOT
    2 master keys- both coded to lock, unlock doors, trunk, open and close sunroof and windows, fold unfold mirrors
    Added rear seat center pass thru if you need to haul long objects.
    Headliner in excellent condition- no sagging
    A, B, C pillar fabric peeling- common e46 issue
    Headlight self-leveling does not work because left headlight housing is a halogen light housing due to supercharge intake tube requirement
    Both left and right quarter panel edge has metal and paint damage from previous owner trying to DIY fender rolling.
    Stone chips, small dents and scratches in line with mileage.
    LED interior lights flicker sometimes
    Front fender liners are torn and loose
    Right front window regulator beginning to make noise going up down- works fine.
    Required maintenance of supercharger system- clean oil line filter yearly, drain Oil Catch Can every 2 months or 2000 miles, blow off valve and oil drain hoses are original and will need replacing- oil drain hose wet, Clean MAF every 6 months.
    Radio turns off every 25 mins, have to turn back on. Don’t know why it does that.
    Transmission chatter at idle from single mass flywheel- normal condition.

    Asking price $12000. i want this car to go to an enthusiast who appreciate all that's been done to the car.

    Tim Ng- 678-464-1603,

    Car is in North Atlanta, Georgia

    Picture link:
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    Now you tell me! I was just in Atlanta and could've driven it home!
    2004 BMW 330i ZHP (50k miles), Jet Black with black leather, MFactory LSD (3.38) with Z4 cover, 18"x8.5" ET38 APEX Arc-8's (Anthracite) with 245/40 Michelin PSS', Koni Sports with factory springs and front and rear reinforcement plates, Shark Injector, TMS under-driven pulleys (water & steering), CDV delete, TMS CF strut brace, K&W CAI, GAS DISA rebuild, TMS pedals, Wheelskins steering wheel cover, roller tray center console, and WeatherTech floor and cargo mats

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reasoned1 View Post
    Now you tell me! I was just in Atlanta and could've driven it home!
    fly back down, i will pick you up from the airport and you can drive it back :-)

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    Wish I had the extra scratch to buy this... I'd love to have an extra 90hp...and the brakes to back it up.

    How does it run in normal 'daily' type of driving? Also; I might have missed it in your description, but has the RACP been reinforced?

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    thank Chris

    Normal daily driving drives great- engine power is very linear, very smooth, no dips in power thru the RPM ( see dyno chart) The HP and torque just pours on as the rev builds. I run normal premium gas (93 here) and get 26.5 on the highway cruising. Clutch is heavier than stock but NOT like a race clutch. it is still a sprung hub. Not sure what your RACP means BUT the rear chassis has the Turner welded reinforcement kit welded and then painted. There was no repair of the chassis- The reinforcement was preventive.

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    RACP = Rear Axle Carrier Panel

    Usually incorrectly referred to as the "subframe."

    I have some pocket lint and paper clips for trade :D
    Quote Originally Posted by lucifer1
    You will notice quickly it is not a Honda. Welcome to BMW, for those who like working on cars just to keep it functioning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by s14realm3 View Post
    Not sure what your RACP means BUT the rear chassis has the Turner welded reinforcement kit welded and then painted. There was no repair of the chassis- The reinforcement was preventive.
    sad to say, but the TMS kit (and other kits like them) are a waste of time - they do nothing to prevent the issue, they just direct the damage elsewhere. unfortunately the vendors that sell these kits are uninformed/uneducated and mislead their customers.

    sorry... not trying to take a giant dump in your thread here.

    Quote Originally Posted by DeathTrap View Post
    RACP = Rear Axle Carrier Panel

    Usually incorrectly referred to as the "subframe."
    nice to see someone else speaking my language.

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