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    BC coilovers DS series (formerly known as DR series) upgrade!!

    Hey everyone, I recently received my BC coilovers!! Also got trailing arm reinforcement plates and shock mount reinforcement plates all from FCP Euro, I had originally ordered the BR series for $995, but FCP said they had these DS series laying around and offered them to me because the shipping would be faster (apparently the BR series would be shipped from the supplier so would take longer). I opted to take the DS because they seem to be more advanced as they have a “Digressive Piston Damping Curve” meaning they have more damping under "slower forces" (like when cornering and braking), and softer damping when more stressed (so like hitting a bump or pothole they soften up). Its my daily car and sees zero track time but I would like to have a firm and lowered set up.

    Here is what BC says about the DS series, “BC Racing Coilovers new proprietary digressive piston design offers increased damping force at low piston velocities while maintaining a linear damper feel at higher piston velocities. One of the greatest advantages of increased low-speed damping force relates to what the driver feels, e.g roll, pitch, dive, and quick weight transitions on technical road courses. This is the key difference between the BC Racing BR series and DR series, but makes the biggest difference where it counts!”

    So to me that sounded really good! and not to mention the DS series are $1250 compared to $995 so seemed like good value to me as I only paid $995. Anyways it would be awesome to hear from any of the ZHP family who has BC Racing coilovers on their car, or any feed back is welcome. Stay tuned for review after I have some miles on them and I will post some pics and links to the product page below.

    BC page for DS coilovers

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    I have been looking at those. Let us know how install and first ride goes
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    Quote Originally Posted by PetesZ View Post
    I have been looking at those. Let us know how install and first ride goes
    Oh I'll definitely let you guys know my first impressions, and maybe I'll also write a long term review once they're broken in. But it might not be this year, I'm doing the install on jack stands, outside so might wait for some warmer weather to install them. I try to avoid working on my car in the cold and rain lol.
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    Sounds like the valving tech that Koni uses in their FSD/Special Active lines. Pretty awesome to find that in a coilover format as FSD's don't translate great to the track.

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    Any update on these?

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    So quick update, coilovers are still in the box. Not that I won't install them eventually but my ZHP's stock suspension still feels very fresh and not yet worth swapping out. currently at 154km or 95,000MI.
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