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Thread: What would replace your ZHP?

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    What would replace your ZHP?

    So, this week most of the north east got its first taste of winter. It was a bit of a surprise how early in the season we got hit. A lot of the tree on my property still have greenish leaves on them. It being a surprise, i didn't have my snows mounted and PSS aren't exactly the best choice for the 8 inches of snow we got in my area. I ended up borrowing my wife's CR-V to drive down to the train with and it got me back and forth like a tank. The problem was that I didn't at all like the idea of my wife being home with our baby and not having a way to around in case of an emergency, as she can't drive stick either. She didn't have a problem with it but did say that it would be nice if we had two cars that 1. wouldn't be impeded by snow, and 2. that she could drive.

    I really do not want to give up the ZHP- bottom line is I'm having too much fun with it but I understand her concerns. I asked her how she'd feel about me getting a winter beater and she would prefer for us to just stick to 2 cars. I want to get the ZHP and honest try through one or two winters (last year doesn't really count as it spent most of the cold in my parents garage).

    The only thing thats ever been on my radar that would satisfy my and my wife's requirements is the Audi S3- 4 door, AWD, twin clutch auto, around 300hp and about the same proportions as the e46.

    So I wanted to put it out to the forum and ask, if you had to replace your ZHP tomorrow to meet the requirements of all that would be driving it, what would you go check out?

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    Don't replace it.

    Get a proper set of winter tires and swap them out.

    Would let you get more miles out of the Michelin tires and be safer during the winter.

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    An LSD and proper winter tires (eg Blizzaks) make this car a real snow monster.

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    Should have specified- the car came with blizzaks mounted on 17inch borbets. Got them on yesterday, just not on before the snow came.

    The LSD is interesting. You always think first about their application on the track but I never thought of it making winter driving better.

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    Not until I can afford my Porsche Spyder... Especially after two people just complemented me on my 2003, ridiculous... I love it... Not sure if those people even knew what this car is capable of behind the wheel

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    A nice, low-miles 330xióbut I highly recommend having both.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reasoned1 View Post
    A nice, low-miles 330xi—but I highly recommend having both.
    Rarer than a low mileage ZHP, IMO.

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    Golf R if itís within budget. VW have 6yr/72k miles warranty from 2018 onwards which is currently the best offering from a premium (kinda) brand I think.

    I donít think you should be concerned about driving the zhp in the snow with winter tires but if you definitely want AWD then I would pick the Golf R is I were you...

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    Dumping my E46s and buying a Camry.

    In my dream world, I would have a 996 GT2 for summer duties and a C4S as a winter beater. E46s for shuttling The Beast between sports and activities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ELCID86 View Post
    An LSD and proper winter tires (eg Blizzaks) make this car a real snow monster.
    agreed - although the OP stated the car must be an auto as his wife needs to be able to drive both cars.... however, if keeping the ZHP is an option, adding an LSD does indeed make the car a LOT better in the snow.

    i drove audis for over 10 years, in all sorts of nasty winter weather (VT and ON), and while i think the traction was great - every other aspect sucked. ABS kicked in when your shoe got within about 5mm of the brake pedal. and they are sooo front-heavy that they understeer like mad.

    now, consider the 50/50 weight distribution of the ZHP (and most 3ers), and even though you've got limited traction going forward (significantly bettered by an LSD), the overall balance of the car makes these things the best winter cars i've ever had. they are super predictable and if you have any hint of understeer, just feed in some throttle and the rear puts the car back in line. it's intuitive. and... the braking is spectacular (likely helped by the superb balance).

    my $0.03.

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