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Thread: The Vault: An E39 Touring Story

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    Quote Originally Posted by John in VA View Post
    Shipping from UK is ridiculously expensive. Have you checked with My '03 E39 sedan is LCI, so came with the white/clear Celis tail lights - don't know if they came on the US touring.
    I have Celis tails, but the turn signals are U.S. spec stupid red turn signals. I would have thought that Depo would sell a standard Red/Clear set aftermarket, but I can't seem to find any, so I'm going to assume it doesn't exist. So, I had to resort to Europe.

    I got the coding done so the turn signals and brake lights are separate (another idiotic U.S. move, having turn signal and brake lights together), so now I just need the clears to complete the package.

    Schmiedmann I think only sells the new stuff. I just checked to be sure and the tails they offer are new ones at about 177EUR per side, which is out of the question unfortunately.

    Quote Originally Posted by brettbimmer View Post
    who will not ship to the USA, I have a friend who owes me about 10 favors for me shipping 'Merican Muscle car parts to him, so let me know.
    Thanks Brett - I'll keep you in mind. I sent Sreten a PM earlier and he mentioned that he's also willing to source me a local set and ship it to me if needed. There are tons of these in Germany, so that is a gold mine option!

    I did find a seller on eBay who just put up a listing for a super awesome price and is actually willing to ship to the U.S., so we'll see if I can score this pair at a super cheap shipped price!
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    Quote Originally Posted by az3579 View Post
    Schmiedmann I think only sells the new stuff.
    nope - they sell used stuff too! some great E46 bits there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by az3579 View Post
    Well, the repair was a miserable failure. After spending hours trying to get the ribbon cable attached to the LCD panel, I finally got it on, only to have it come loose again while trying to attach the other side. While trying to re-attach it, I broke the part of the LCD that has the pins on it, as well as destroyed the stupid metal clip that holds everything together. I was so pissed...

    I broke down and purchased a rebuilt MID on eBay for a whopping $150. So much money down the drain... ugh. There was no way I was gonna order an LCD and go through that nightmare again, even if I could salvage the metal clip (totally destroyed).
    Damn, that sucks. I just got my cable and going to attempt to repair the MID on E31 soon. I replaced the cable on e39 cluster 2 times successfully so far, I'd imagine MID should be easier.

    Quote Originally Posted by brettbimmer View Post
    Nooooo!!!!!!!!! Oh man that sucks. I'm sorry! It is not an easy surgery on the cluster, and like I said I opted to removing (which thus destroyed) the stepper motors for the tach, speedo, and temp gauge I believe. Hopefully the replacement will work. If you have any trouble, let me know.
    Pixelfix sells a special tool to safely remove needles, I got it the first time I ordered from them but in both cases when I did the repair I ended up drilling the holes to get to the screws that hold LCD in place. I was skeptical about putting the needles back in correct position and potentially get false readings once I remove them.

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