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Nice progress Botond
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Love the progress.
Thanks dudes.

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That center console unit looks brand new, nice!
The MID does indeed. The rest of the console though needs work. The slider tray under the arm rest is almost totally broken, being held on by one last bit of plastic. I did get lucky in that the wood trim all around is in great shape, with almost no clear coat cracking. Will be freshening things up eventually with new parts, and hopefully converting some other trims to black in preparation for the inevitable factory two-toned project.

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Clear tails make a such a big difference!
Love it
Yeah they do. I simply don't understand why BMW decides to do something different for the U.S. vs Europe when it comes to tail lights; the European standard is perfectly suitable for the U.S and looks better to boot, on ALL its cars.

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Love the clear tails, and I'm a fan of E39 wagons in general. Funnily enough, I went from daily driving a 540it to daily driving a 330i/5. I get much better gas mileage (the 540it averaged 15mpg no matter what) and parts are cheaper.

Let me know if you have any E39 questions, I've owned a dozen E39's over the past few years. Here's what my 540it looked like before I sold it:

That is absolutely gorgeous. Man, what I'd do for a proper set of M-style bumpers. I will be going around the car and painting all of the door and bumper trims back to black. The silver is too much for me and need to break it up. The paint on the plastic bits is also extremely faded and worn out, so the trim needs refreshing as well. All the clearcoat is coming off the door handles too. Thankfully silver hides pretty much everything!

15mpg sounds horrible to live with every day; I'm not surprised you got rid of it for that reason. My 525i touring gets on average about 22-23 mpg with mixed city/highway driving, which is actually pretty remarkable as its EPA figures are 17 city / 24 hwy, and I can certainly get between 26-28 mpg purely on the highway and 20 mpg purely city. It's still better than the X3 I was also considering before buying this. Those SAVs are horrible on gas.

As much as I love E46 tourings, the gas mileage is so much better that it would be worth saving up the extra money, selling this, and starting over on the E46. This car was too cheap ($2k) to pass up.

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M-parallels look so right on e39’s!

The E39/E38's had such a great selection of wheels. I am thankful that mine came with Style 5's, which is one of the top wheels for BMW ever, right up there with M Parallels. My winter set is a set of Style 32's, which also look amazing.