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Thread: Adding Remote Start?

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    Adding Remote Start?

    This forum needs some love too!

    Has anyone installed or considered installing an Alarm/Remote Start on their ZHP? My friend asked me to install one on their '08 Focus, so I decided to check if anyone had installed one on an E46. Apparently, not too many people have done it.

    There is one DIY thread, doesn't seem too difficult:
    Quote Originally Posted by lucifer1
    You will notice quickly it is not a Honda. Welcome to BMW, for those who like working on cars just to keep it functioning.

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    I was just thinking about this today! That write-up doesn't look that straight-forward, though, it looks like it took an experienced EE 3 days to do it and the remote looks stupid. If you do get it set up you should do a write-up, the more the better

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