Hello everyone its been awhile since my last post. Things had been going pretty well with the E46 until this last Monday... besides the burning of oil since I bought the car. To preface, I changed Vanos, CCV, and VCG about a month ago.

TL;DR Randomly got a lot oil in all cylinders, whats the deal?

Get in my car on Monday and greeted by a what I would pin to be a hydraulic lifter, thinking that was strange but my cars done stranger. Start going down the road and car starts to get rough, and rougher, and rougher. New smell, I can't say I've ever smelt it before... just hot oily smell almost electrical.

Flip the car around and get it back home and throw it in the garage. Check the oil, pretty much out. I had checked the oil two days ago and was topped off and only had done 50 miles since. Pull oil fill, got some smoke,steam (being 29 degrees out).

Coolant checked out, no mayo or mixed.

Start pulling spark plugs, and every plug has wet oil. Pull out the borescope and drop it down the spark plug hole into the cylinder and on the low side of the piston I have a sizable pool of oil. Any amount of oil is too much oil.

Popped DISA off and saw residue in the intake, but no flood.

So my question now is, what gives? Is it possible a hydraulic lifter failed? I had my compression checked pretty recently, I need to run and grab my compression tester to test again. I've read on super cold mornings the CCV freezing and sucking up oil from the sump. I just need a bit of guidance, words of wisdom, or talk it out.

Much appreciated.