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Thread: Power Steeling Pump Fail - What else should I replace while I'm at it?

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    Power Steeling Pump Fail - What else should I replace while I'm at it?


    So my power steering pump failed at 89k miles.

    My local shop is doing the labor this time around, so thinking of taking advantage of the labor I'm already paying for to have them replace other relatively inexpensive parts from a preventative maintenance perspective?

    I am thinking of replacing the water pump (hasn't been done), and the belt tensioner pulleys.

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    FCP Euro is currently having clearance sale, including the Salieri water pump. They have kits that include associated pulleys, tensioners, belts, hoses, clamps, etc. I got myself the PS hoses & reservoir & water pump for Christmas!
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    You can do a basic cooling system. Waterpump, thermostat, tank, hoses, sensors.

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    Oil filter housing gasket is around that area and an extremely cheap part for the headache it causes.

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    Just a FYI: mine started making a popping noise when turning a few years ago. I was ready to changeout the pump and noticed it was working itís way out. Now five years later, Iím still running with the original. Itís not perfect but, for the cost savings Iíll live with it.

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    Hey guys! Thanks for all the advice. The water pump and cooling system looked ok.

    The shaft was broken clean off the power steering pump. I had them do the tank and hoses while they are at it, replaced it with Luk-20 pump.

    I also had them do the belts, tensioners, and pulleys while they were in there.

    Turns out my control arm bushings were shot as well, so we replaced those with some urethane bushings.

    Next time I want to DIY but I don't have a great place to work on it, and I don't have all the tools yet either. Would love to find somebody in SoCal who would be down to work together on some projects.

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