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Thread: Anyone in the Forth Worth, TX area who can look at an E46 M3 at a used car dealership?

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    Anyone in the Forth Worth, TX area who can look at an E46 M3 at a used car dealership?

    I saw a gray E46 M3 through Autotrader and before I spend money to run a Vin check, is it normal to ask someone here to take a look at the car for problems and for such things as Hurricane flood damage? Maybe reimbursed that person for lunch and gas money? I'm in Arizona.

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    I would have the seller take it to a reputable BMW Indy and have a PPI done. Check the Vanos, Subframe and the SMG if not a 6MT. What's the asking price? Year and how many miles? Any pictures or link?
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    Sorry, the link is long. It is on Autotrader just last week, 2005 E46 M3 with 121k miles for $13,800. Not a bad price. good color, considering it had 4 owners.. There's just lots of things I like to see in person first before doing a PPI.; dings, scraps, subframe, hurricane flood damage(if any)

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