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Thread: Help needed with weird radio connectors.

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    Help needed with weird radio connectors.

    Hey guys,
    I need your help to figure out the solution on how to connect factory radio.
    I bought my white car with Dynavin. But after a few month of frustrating usage, I sold Dynavin. It was working well, but super slow and had some many glitches.
    I decided to go with the stock radio. But I have a weird two connectors, that cannot be used with the factory adapter.
    Here is how my wire connectors are looking:

    Here is the factory clip on connector:

    And this is the factory radio pins array

    I never seeing anything like that. I guess the were modified for Dynavin. I frankly don't remember.
    This, as you know, is how the factory radio power and signal connector looks like.

    My connectors are pretty strange. For curiosity, I pulled my Xtron and all the cable and adapters, and I was not able to connect it as well.

    Does any one seeing that type of wire connectors? Is that a way to get an adapter for the factory radio?

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    I had something similar to this with my X5, and I recall needing an adapter harness to make it plug and play. Any chance the head unit is from an older E46? I think our ZHPs have the newer wiring setups, hence the connectors not mating with the older head unit with ease.

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    Page 2, here is a link to one of the connectors which I used when working on the stereo in my 2001 E53 X5. Wanted to add the OE in-dash CD player to the OEM business headunit. Maybe this (or something like it) would help you.

    Also, this pin out I found helpful too:


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