Hey everyone and Happy New Years!

So I recently threw a CEL, used a OBDII scanner and 2 codes P0172 and P0175(see below), the long term fuel trim is way out of wack. And a few weird things probably related, the idle when cold in the morning goes up and down maybe 50 RPM at random until warm, and it stumbled once or twice when giving it a bit of throttle(felt like a misfire) and once when I started it up(warm) ran weird for a few seconds, the car was vibrating (maybe misfiring) then it stopped and hasn't done than since, but runs nice when warm and other wise it seems fine. I've only had the car a few months so still feeling it out. It seem our cars don't often run rich (mostly lean) so its hard to find any resources online and the ones I do see say check the MAF, disa valve.. vanos...air leak and on and on. I will post OBD reader results below, any help to decipher OBDII to point me in a direction would be so awesome. Thanks, and I will keep you guys posted once I find the issue. Name:  IMG_3400.jpg
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