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Danny, I don't talk about this too much but at one time I too used to drive a "Stang"... mine was a 1986 SVO. This was the only car I purchased brand new...

Back then this car was fast and a lot of fun to drive. It was also the only car I have ever owned that was black... since then I have moved on to Porsche and all things German...
I love it! Really cool seeing you guys post your past cars! Love the SVO! Can't blame you for going to Porsches! My brother-in-law is a service adviser at Hennessey Porsche here in Atlanta, so I often stop by and check them out. Nice cars! We went out to Rennsport last year and it was a blast!

My dad always tells me this story about his Mustang he bought brand new. He always says, "It was the most expensive Mustang they had ever had on the lot! It had EVERY option!" He is very proud of that for some reason! I think he also owned an SVO at one point too!
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My '67 Cougar at Maple Grove Raceway, early 80's. I'm pretty sure it had the 351 Cleveland with the 4bbl heads and 4.57 gears in this pic... I had 4 different engines in this car and many different gear ratios... My blood was Ford blue during this time
That is really cool! Nice smokey burnout too!
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Congrats! I think I had a total of four of them back in the day. Two 68ís a 72 and the wife had the horrible 78.

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I feel like everyone has owned a Mustang at one point, or at least wanted one! Seems everyone who has owned one has owned multiple. One of these days I'll get a classic. Maybe a nice 70 Fastback!
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Beauty, congrats!

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Thank you!
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Stunning car and congrats on the purchas!

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Appreciate it!

This is why I love this forum. I posted this on forums I have been on for YEARS and not much interest. I post on here saying I'm selling my BMW and got a new car, and everyone chimes in! I wont be leaving this forum! <3