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Thread: Is the ZHP the best daily driver?

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    My past regular e46 was reliable but got boring eventually. My current bought-used ZHP is up a notch in terms of power and performance. It did 8,000 miles across country in 4 weeks with no wear and there was never I time I did not think it was not reliable or capable. Doing maintenance is affordable and an after-thought since I inspect my cars regularly. Definitely, a keeper DD.

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    I think comparing a Tesla to a ZHP doesn’t really work well for a number of reasons, first being that one costs about 5x as much as the other. Even if you add in the extra maintenance, 1-2k a year is dwarfed by saving money on depreciation and insurance costs, although Tesla’s unlike most new cars are actually fairly inexpensive b/c of the self braking and stuff. Even gas isn’t that much of a factor since unless you have your own solar panels or can charge for free at work you won’t really save that much since electricity is pretty expensive.

    If really comes down to drivability and entertainment b/c Japanese cars blow both out of the water when it comes to cost and reliability. Both are good performing cars but in commuting where the ZHP struggles is the suspension, I don’t even notice it anymore but the m suspension is not a good time on bad roads. In traffic I’d take a Tesla but for real driving I would want my e46 because sporty driving is what ZHPs are made for. Entertainment Tesla also wins, but again the android unit in my car is all I really need for Spotify, maybe some podcasts. It is a car at the end of the day so you are pretty limited with what you can do.

    If I had the money for more than one car I would go with a Japanese luxury car like a Lexus or Infiniti, the new Q50 and Q60 would make great DDs, only reason a Tesla would be useful is the HOV sticker in CA, but even that’s losing its appeal since a lot of people have electrics.

    Honestly a DD varies for everyone, some people use M4s for commuting some drive a Prius, it comes down to what you want to spend and what you like.

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