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Thread: 2003 Imola Red ZHP for sale - top end rebuild/engine swap needed $1,500

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    2003 Imola Red ZHP for sale - engine rebuild/swap needed $800 OBO

    For sale is a 2003 330i ZHP in Imola Red. 186K miles, 6 speed. Located in Ferndale Michigan.

    Before the engine failure this car was fantastic. All electronics work, heat/ac, heated seats, lights, radio, moon roof, whatever. Priced where it's at because of engine condition and it doesn't have the stock wheels.

    The engine died on me 2 weeks ago while I was driving to work, had it towed to a shop where a diagnosis was done. Essentially, the engine needs a top end rebuild or a swap for good measure as it is the original engine w/186K miles...and yes you absolutely should toss in an S54 and RAGE. If you're interested in the specifics of the engine issues I've included the paperwork from Curt's Auto in the attachments.

    While there are no major mods performance or otherwise, small things on the car have been replaced:
    - headlights replaced with angel eyes
    - muffler delete
    - led bulbs in front turn indicators, licence plate lights, and interior
    - wrapped steering wheel with M color stitching
    - shift boot, hand brake boot, and arm rest cover all replaced with black leather and M stitching
    - replaced stock cup holder with a black slide-open storage container
    - replaced rear ash tray with black slide-open storage container
    - wired for auxiliary input
    - aluminum pedal covers

    Here's some more specific information about the car and it's condition:

    EXTERIOR 7/10

    There are a few small paints chips in the hood, peeling of the clear coat on the side mirrors, a crack in rear plastic diffuser, a small red painted area on the back part of the trunk lid that the previous owner did to cover some stupid badge they put on and ripped off. Driver side fog light cover needs to be replaced and there's a slight bowing of the front bumper cover by the passenger side wheel well. The chips and paint imperfections are all very small, wouldn't notice the most severe chips in the hood from 10 feet.

    Overall the car looks quite good for it's age and miles. Angel eyes were installed by previous owner who also tinted it.

    INTERIOR 6/10

    The gray leather seats are worn, have lots of small scuffs and creases in them but there's no large cuts or tears in the seats or door panels. The fabric covering the headliner is sagging slightly over the rear sets back to the rear window. The gray trim piece above the glove box is a little shifted due to the auxiliary install by previous owner, but is neither obvious or bothersome. There's a quarter size crack on the top of the front windshield from where the rear view mirror fell off. This happened and was reinstalled before I got the car and there's been no change in the crack size while I've owned it.

    MECHANICS (other than the engine )8/10

    I've had the car for the last 12k miles and have had absolutely no problems with it. Rides nice and tight, shift feel is great with no transmission issue though could go for some bushing replacements to reduce shifter slop. No complaints other than a slow wiper fluid leak.

    It's been a great car but, I don't have the means to fix it now and must part with it. I'm open to any questions and can provide additional info and pictures on request.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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    Price drop, just want the car gone at this point. Best offer!

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    GLWS. $800 sounds VERY reasonable.
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    PM sent

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    Sounds like a good parts car or a good shell!

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    Is this sold?

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