I used to run this setup on my ZHP until I moved on with an aftermarket setup. This is considered to be the best OEM sway bar upgrade for non-convertible E46 cars with S226A option (all Coupes, Sedans with sport suspensions S226A, or S338A M Sport). i.e. basically all non-M e46s except convertibles. This setup is a direct bolt on without any modifications (unlike M3 upgrades).

Included in the sale:

25mm front Z4 M sport sway bar: P/N 31351096364
20mm rear E46 convertible sway bar: P/N 33556751267.

Comes with everything you need for the conversion:

1. 2x 25mm bushings: P/N 31351096365
2. 2x 20mm bushings: P/N 33551096669
3. 2x rear links already attached to the rear sway bar so you don't need to yank your own out for the swap.

I will post pictures later if need be, but it's just sway bars in good condition.

$240 shipped in the continental US.