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Thread: Opinions Needed: ZHP found but with rebuilt title

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    Opinions Needed: ZHP found but with rebuilt title

    During one of my daily searches, I decided to expand my search to include ZHP's with automatic transmissions. I want a manual but I thought what the heck. As it turns out, there's more cars available with autos, with less miles, and seem in generally better condition. But that's another story.

    When I search, I usually go through Autotempest but hit the button at the top to search Autotrader as well. A car popped up in Autotrader in my area. Added bonus...the listing says it's an auto but the car's a manual. But I read further and it has a rebuilt title. It is Imola Red and has close to 130,000 miles

    The seller is a repair shop, that also sells cars. They are selling this ZHP for a customer (consignment).

    The car was involved in a bad enough parking lot crash in 2016 that the insurance company at the time totaled it. Apparently the owner liked it so much that a local BMW dealer repaired the car for them and it's back on the road and now for sale. The damage was to the rear of the car (quarter panel and trunk).

    There is no price listed in the Autotrader listing. But after looking further on the seller's web site, come to find out they want $11K for the car ($10,995 to be specific)!!!

    Way too much, right? With a rebuilt title, shouldn't it be about half that?

    So, now I'm not even sure I want to look at. Does the selling price seem fair? Don't walk but run away from cars with rebuilt titles?

    I would be interested in hearing what everyone thinks. Thanks!

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    I would pass even if it was repaired properly. That's very pricey IMHO.
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    Yup, too high

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    That's an "I don't want to sell it" price... I agree, even without the title issue, that's pretty price high for the miles.
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    Yeah.... I wouldn't pay a dime over $5K for a rebuilt titled car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron///Man View Post
    That's an "I don't want to sell it" price... I agree, even without the title issue, that's pretty price high for the miles.
    I'm with Dane on this. Repaired well or not, a rebuilt title tanks the value.

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    I'd pass, especially at that price. There's a handful of ZHPs that seem well taken care of in the classifieds here... and for far less, too. Nothing piqued your interest?

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    Way overpriced IMO, they're asking clean title, mint ZHP money for a car that's been crashed. It's one thing if a car has a rebuilt title due to mechanical damage (like a blown engine) or theft, but accident damage is a no-go for me unless the price is really low.
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