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Thread: '04 AW/Blk coupe project (engine replacement first)

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    Damn, sorry to hear about your accident! Looks very similar to the one I was in. Car looks great after though!

    I still need to track down a better hood and want to replace my front bumper but need to make some more $$$ first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GotZHP View Post
    Damn, sorry to hear about your accident! Looks very similar to the one I was in. Car looks great after though!

    I still need to track down a better hood and want to replace my front bumper but need to make some more $$$ first.
    Thanks! My friends did a great job with it. I'm very thankful for them and for no injuries from the accident.

    I feel you on the $$$, hope you can get it done; I'll be looking out for your updates!
    - Will

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    So it's been a while since I've updated this thread, frankly there wasn't anything to update. More parts came in and finally some progress. Lots of photos. Here we go:

    Replaced the ICV gasket/tube, unsure if it was leaking (probably not), but I figured why not change it:

    I forgot to get the o-rings the first time around for the VANOS solenoids, got 'em in this box of parts:

    Got these parts in and this side of the engine is looking like an engine again:

    Some Redline for the diff and some new plugs. I made an utter mess of it while draining the old fluid, about 3/4 of it went onto my arm and over the ground... quite a mess. Cleaning the mess up was not the funnest way to spend an hour, but it had to be done - no photos of the mess, too embarrassing and I was too oily to handle the camera.

    At 99,7xx miles and with the exhaust off I figured I'd change the CSB and the guibo. Both looked good, but the "while I'm in there" habit got the best of me. I forgot to take a photo of the new CSB and new butyl strip. It's weird, my m3 didn't have butyl on the CSB.

    I also took the time to change the driveshaft centering bushing. Inner diameter was too small for a pilot bearing puller and slide hammer. Bentley's says to pack with grease and to let the grease push it out. I didn't want to waste or clean up a bunch of grease. I've heard of people using wet bread for the pilot bearing too, but I didn't want to clean or waste bread. I just used bits of paper towel and water. An 8mm deep socket (with bits of wet paper towel to plug it up), an extension and a few hits with a rubber mallet did the trick:

    Ok, onto the injectors. I was too cheap to send them in for a cleaning, so I shade-tree'd it.

    First, remove the old injector filter. Insert a #10 sheet metal screw a few threads deep, and some twisting and tugging worked:

    Injector on the left has old filter basket, the one on the right is after its removal:

    Then in a manner similar to what GotZHP did, I rigged something up for cleaning the injectors. Carb cleaner, some shrink tubing, a 9v battery and leads to cycle the injector, and some spraying onto my garage floor... ghetto style:

    Old o-rings and filters out, new ones ready to go in. About $13 for the set from ebay. O-rings in the kit are supposedly viton.

    Ready to go back in:

    and back in:

    I keep forgetting to take photos while I'm working. But the new exhaust studs came in and the headers and new heat shield/gaskets went on with new header copper nuts:

    New O2 sensors. At about 100k miles they're due to be changed - they fail progressively from what I've heard.

    Before rejoining the engine and transmission I decided to change the torque converter-to-trans seal. Here's the old one:

    Torque converter side (Old on the left, new on the right):

    Trans side (old left, new right):

    New steering coupling while I'm at it. This was a mistake at this point, those that's done this job will know what I'm talking about..

    Now the big stuff... engine and trans going back in. This was a bitch of a job. Extra hands are needed, I enlisted the help of mom and dad. Not only were they great help, but I think they had a lot of satisfaction in being able to help with this project. Having removed the trans on my m3 for a clutch/flywheel replacement I can say it's infinitely easier to properly torque the engine/trans mounting bolts while the units are out of the car - duh!. lol.

    Two photos and it's in, voila! Yea, right. I wish it were that easy. It probably took a solid hour (I kept the AC system sealed so that was an added headache). Time for the subframe/front axle assembly to go back in.

    I still need to double-check some nuts and bolts as well as reconnect the shifter linkage, but the drivetrain is back in the chassis.

    Some shots from underneath... will need some cleaning too.

    I'm exhausted, so things will have to wait until tomorrow. Feels good to make some progress. More to follow...
    - Will

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    Now that's some progress! Damn!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZHPizza View Post
    Now that's some progress! Damn!

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