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Thread: '04 AW/Blk coupe project (engine replacement first)

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    '04 AW/Blk coupe project (engine replacement first)

    Okay, I thought it's time to start a project thread. I've never chronicled a project before so here goes nothing... I hope it can provide some motivation for others who DIY (especially on jack stands) as others' project threads have for me.

    The background of the car and my acquiring it can be found in this thread:

    Cliff's Notes version: I bought the car knowing it had an overheat event and that the engine will need replacing. The condition of the exterior and interior was sufficient for me to go ahead with the purchase (Thanksgiving 2017). I thought I scored a good engine from a low mileage (~65k) ZHP from Texas and purchased it off of eBay. Well, long story short the engine was no good (low compression), so I lost the $300 gamble (return shipping; I pre-negotiated full refund if engine was no good).

    Photos from the welcome/introduction thread:

    Coolant in cyl. 3 (and also 4):


    Puting the car aside for about a year, I found an engine in the classifieds on ZHPmafia, it was local too. ZHPmafia coming through! Thanks, Marc. Spent a weekend helping to pull the engine and moving it back to my house.

    Engine acquired. Start accumulating parts and staging the car for the transplant.

    I figure I'd replace the usual suspects, including:
    • Cooling system: radiator, expansion tank, hoses (including the heater circuit since engine will be out), water pump, t-stat, 1.4 bar coolant cap, o-rings for the coolant pipes attached to engine block.
    • Engine: Beisan Vanos seals and rattle kit, m56 valve cover (get rid of convoluted CCV), oil pan gasket, various o-rings (for both cam position sensors, crank position sensor, and oil pickup tube to pump since oil pan will be off), intake manifold gasket, vacuum lines that are crusty, throttle body to intake manifold gasket, air distribution pipe o-rings to intake manifold, OFHG gasket, pulleys, tensioners, belts, exhaust manifold gaskets (reusing my headers), oil filter, oil, intake elbows.
    • Trans: oil and filter
    • Guibo, CSB.
    • Diff oil.
    • Filters (cabin and intake)

    ...wallet hurts... bank account hates me...

    Maybe I should have chosen video games and Netflix as a hobby.

    First, move the car to the other side of the driveway and put it up on jack stands (my red-sled in the background):

    I figure I'd take the engine+trans out along with the subframe. So, off with the bumper, headlights, radiator+support, etc.

    I knew mice/rats lived in our neighborhood...I've seen rat droppings in the engine bay when parked for days/weeks at a time. I guess it's safe from the predators.

    Evidence of their presence:

    Smelled as bad as it looks.

    The bastard(s) left some bedding, a nest:

    ... intuition said not to stick my hand in there...

    ...turned out the nest was also a burial site. A big one:

    Hope that's a lesson for the rest of them.

    Next, wash off the urine/feces/smells/left overs of dead rat:

    This will do for now:

    Drain the oils (didn't get one of the engine, but equally dark)...

    This will do for now. I need a break. Turning attention towards donor engine for a while.
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