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Thread: '04 AW/Blk coupe project (engine replacement first)

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    Ooooof hopefully they're off your back now. After reading all the horror stories on reddit I'm 99.5% sure I'll reject a future house purchased based off the fact that there's a mandatory HOA agreement
    Yeah, I don't think they liked the fact I had a car on jack-stands for long periods of time. I had the rear end of my m3 apart for subframe bushings, diff cover, control arm bushings and ball joints, and planned on hiring a mobile welder come to repair the RACP cracks while welding up the Reddish plates. This was after my ZHP on jack stands for a year during the engine replacement.

    I got called to a HOA hearing. I negotiated a few extra weeks to put the rear end back in and lowered off of jack stands and promised to not do it again. Wasn't able to get a mobile welder, but at least no fine, this time. Looks like I'll have a shop do the RACP cracks and subframe repairs, I don't need the hassle with the HOA right now.

    Also, because of my location in the neighborhood people frequently walk by my place to use the cut-through green belt, so high visibility.

    I think I can work on my cars in the driveway, but basically I shouldn't leave a car on jack stands for extended periods of time. And I should use a car cover so it doesn't seem "unsightly." It's funny because my neighbors don't mind me working on cars, they actually come and check out what I'm up to and ask me for ideas trouble-shooting their cars - like neighbors do. But it's the HOA's enforcement people who have the problem.... letter of the law types, but I understand their position too.

    It was pretty funny to see two of the three older ladies on the HOA committee gushing about my red car (the e46m3) and them joking with me saying they want to buy it. The third person (HOA mgr) was not as jovial. Just glad I didn't get fined.

    Not many places in my area without HOAs, for better or for worse. But I'd love some more freedom, that's for sure.

    Quote Originally Posted by dannyzabolotny View Post
    I know all about that HOA life... I used to work in my driveway too and I got letters in the mail on a weekly basis. I wasnít allowed to street park, have a car on jack stands, have a car without current registration, etc.

    Next time youíre in the Phoenix area, shoot me a message! Iíd be more than happy to show you my shop. Itís usually a bit of mess but I stay pretty busy. Right now Iíve got an E34 540i6 clutch job, E39 540i timing chain guide job, and an E28 535is brake job going on.

    Nice! I def will do. That e28 brings back memories. I used to have a '88 528e 5spd. It was a lot more fun after I modified it. Bilstein Sports, Ground-Control coilovers and camber plates, M-tech II steering wheel, larger Euro headlights, and Style 8 wheels from an 840i. I should have kept the steering wheel for my e30. I love how solid the door and the door latch mechanism are on that era car.

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    My neighborhood was built in several phases and luckily enough the first phase (where I live) has no HOA. I have to use my driveway to work sometimes so I got lucky there. HOA starts about three doors down. (though I do try to limit the jacked up car look, when I can)

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    Yeah, I think the car-on-stands look is a big no no. Damn, you got lucky. Sounds like you have benefits of being in/adjacent to HOA community without the fees.

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