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Thread: Dead horse - E46 M3 Cluster Install - Already Terraphantm Prepped

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    Dead horse - E46 M3 Cluster Install - Already Terraphantm Prepped


    A few years ago I sent an M3 cluster to Terra for modification. He prepped it for install into my '04 ZHP and shipped it back.
    His work included: clear mileage/VIN, add LEDs for rear doors, change LED colors for proper redline.

    He also sent me the link to the dropbox files for updating the ECU coding.

    Over the course of 3 years, while that cluster sat wrapped in it's packaging, I've lost the instructions he sent on what needed to be modified in the ECU. Obviously I have the .rar files he sent, but no longer have the "tutorial" on what to do with them to trigger the warm up lights.

    Does anyone have these instructions?
    I'd like to finally get this in the car, as I admittedly forgot I even had it.

    Sorry to ask the 6 millionth question about M3 cluster swaps, but hopefully since the cluster is already modified, and I know it's not a "plug & play - OMG Tamper light ON?!?" situation, someone can assist with the ECU updates.

    Thank you,
    Christopher L.

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    what are the names of the files in the RAR folder? or what are the file extension of them?

    most likely if its anything with the DME then its a modified DME file that needs to be loaded using WINKFP so he may have sent you files that WINKFP uses and those directions more than likely showed how to load those custom files into winKFP to flash the DME.
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    Thank you for the post.

    File extension is .0da
    7561520_DWF.0da to be specific.
    He had instructed me to utilize NCS Expert or WinKFP to flash the ECU.
    Christopher L.

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    I connected with Chris from BimmerLabs, who will remote connect and flash the DME using the supplied files.
    His rate is quite fair, so if all goes well, by end of next week this will be in and installed.

    Thank you,
    Christopher L.

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