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    Diagnostic help in Santa Barbara - Carpenteria area

    Don't know if there are any members near me, but I got some new diagnostic tools recently and am willing to help others if needed!

    I recently purchased the Schwaben Professional scanner for BMWs/MINIs like the one below!

    I also purchased an OBDLink MX OBDII to Bluetooth adapter and have both Torque Pro & OBDFusion on my phone.

    If you need help with reading /clearing fault codes or checking readiness monitors for SMOG let me know! I also have data logging capabilities from both tools! The Schwaben device can do both standard OBDII scans for any car and has the BMW specific codes. The OBDLink MX can work on any vehicle!

    I have been doing a lot of datalogging lately, am learning more everyday, and am willing to help others. Fuel Trims, O2 sensor read outs, and any other engine data can be logged in real time and exported as a CSV file. Can check current status of readiness monitors before you go to smog check too! Just because your check engine light is off doesn't mean you will pass, as I have learned.

    I Live in Santa Barbara and will start work in Carpenteria on the 18th. Willing to meet anyone who needs help if you are able to come close to me or want to meet half way!

    Send a PM or post here if you need any helpName:  Diagnostic Tools.jpg
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    Nice offer

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