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Thread: Oil Pan Gasket - Do Oil Pump Nut too?

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    Oil Pan Gasket - Do Oil Pump Nut too?


    05 ZHP with 140k

    So I've determined I have a substantial Oil Pan Gasket leak from the lower end of the pan on the passenger side, front to back, worse towards the rear and by the bell housing.

    While replacing this I will have the motor mounts replaced as well.

    While the pan is off, is it worth while to do the VAC Oil Pump Shaft upgrade and baffle the oil pan? Should I just have the nut tack welded or safety wired? Am I being paranoid as a result of pervasive internet forum propaganda? Lol

    The car isn't a primary vehicle but will be dual purpose street, to and from work, and some track events. I want to enter some HPDE's and get out there to learn. Then maybe move into some occasional fun events. I have no plans to competitively race the vehicle or make it a full blown track car.

    The baffle would be good insurance but people I've spoken with that compete say unless you're running sticky tires, aggressive race pads and driving the car hard to its limits it's not a necessity. They recommend just overfilling your oil by 1/2 qt.

    The oil pump nut I know is really only an issue for repetitive over revving and sustained RPM's over 6000. Also the ZHP is supposed to have the improved nut with embedded loctite, right? So not sure if a $200 VAC shaft upgrade is necessary. I could just have the shop tack weld it, or just check torque and leave it alone.

    What do you guys think? Worth it to go thru all that or should I just change the gasket, inspect the nut, over fill the oil on track days and send it?

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    Meh, send it.

    I just did my OPG a few months back and the nut was just fine. I too am doing a few driving events, but until I get fast enough to really warrant good tires, performance brake pads, etc. I'm just going to go out there and have fun.

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    Full Send!

    I checked mine when I did the OPG and it was snug. If you just doing Auto-X, its fine for sure. I would only do it if you knew you were going to spend all weekend at the track a handful of times a year. $200 is a good chunk of dough. Spend it elsewhere like pads, rotors, tires..

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