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Thread: Steering Wheel re-wrap

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    Steering Wheel re-wrap

    I'm looking to rewrap my steering wheel.
    My Alcantara is destroyed, and I've had one of those fat generic covers on it since I've owned the car. Bleaaaacchhh

    I messaged coby, but I really don't want to spend $250 to do it. I did find a product on amazon with really good reviews:

    Anyone ever done this? Does anyone think the M3 Tricolor looks a bit tacky? (I definitely want to keep the OEM look).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fried_Chicken View Post
    Does anyone think the M3 Tricolor looks a bit tacky?
    Absolute blasphemy...

    The DIY wraps are doable, but they usually don't look anywhere near as good as a proper rewrap because it's really hard to get it just right. BUT, if you can manage to do the job perfectly, then it look similar to a professional rewrap.

    Unfortunately if you don't want to spend the $250 Coby charges (which is on the lower end of what a rewrap would cost) then you're probably best off with the DIY kit.
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    Coby wheel is worth every penny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vas View Post
    Coby wheel is worth every penny.

    + infinity
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    Since you're in TX check with for another price point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by John in VA View Post
    Since you're in TX check with for another price point.
    I've seen Dallas Steering Wheel a few times now.

    This guy had his wheel done by them.

    I've seen people spend up to $400 on getting there wheel wrapped, so that makes Coby look reasonable

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    I've installed three Wheelskins leather steering wheel covers. It takes some effort (wear a glove on the pulling hand, and take your time), but they're inexpensive ($60) and look and feel great. The only thing you might not like is that it might not cover the Alcantara completely.
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    Buy a spare used steering wheel online for cheap and try it out!

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    Steering Wheel re-wrap

    250 is is a pretty good price. This is who I used and it came out looking awesome...

    I was looking for the invoice but I believe I paid 650 for the wheel and two custom boots.

    Only reason I didnít use coby was because he wasnít using leather at the time. Not sure if he is now.

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    + 1 on the wheelskinsn. Excellent look and fit. Still solid 7 years later. Need a glove for sure and it helps to do it in the summer so leather stretches easily.
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